Character in MCU’s Moon Knight Speaks Mandarin But It Sounds Like ‘KNN’ Instead


We are all aware of the stellar language capacities that some blockbuster Hollywood actors and actresses have.

A notable example is Timothée Chalamet who learnt Italian from scratch in preparation for his breakout role in the film Call Me By Your Name.

But sometimes, the attempt to represent another language in media goes awry like what happened with this scene in the Marvel hit miniseries, Moon Knight.


Awkward Mandarin in Moon Knight

So far, Moon Knight has gotten positive reviews from fans and film critics, especially for their accurate representation of persons with dissociative identity disorder (DID) in the series.

DID is a mental health condition which results in an individual developing multiple, distinct personalities which can cause memory loss, delusions or depression.

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The series stars Oscar Isaac as the lead alongside Ethan Hawke who plays as the series main antagonist.


It’s in the second episode where both characters interact that results in a pretty cringeworthy show of Hawke’s attempt at Mandarin:

(Seriously, the ‘Mandarin’ spoken in question literally doesn’t make any sense.)

Sounds Like Curse Word in Singlish Instead

Right at the beginning when Hawke interacts with another character in the short video clip, it does sound like a reminiscent of a not-so-nice word that admittedly some of us use when we are in a bad mood.

Bonus: it’s also the all-time favourite phrase of local YPs to use when things don’t go their way as they speed off into the night with their illegal e-scooters while blasting their man yao songs.

Another apt reaction was also given by this TikToker when she saw the scene:

@rachyenyy i’m sorry i just hallucinated #mandarin #mandarinchinese #fyp #sgtiktok #moonknight @disneyplus ♬ original sound – Rachel Yen

Feel free to comment if you actually do manage to make out what they are saying in that scene.

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