Poll Shows Almost 50% of People in S’pore Will Still Wear Masks in Malls All the Time

As of today (29 August), we’re no longer required to wear a mask except in healthcare facilities and public transport. However, it seems like if you go maskless, you’re part of the minority instead.

Here’s more on Singaporeans’ mask-wearing preferences, as revealed by a YouGov survey.

More Masks On in Indoor Areas

We’ve had to wear masks since April 1912. Or was it April 2020? I can’t remember.

But after more than two years of complaining about how hot mask-wearing is, you would’ve thought that people were excited to get their masks off.

However, most people are still choosing to keep their masks on. About 60% of residents would mask up all the time in private transport, airports, and train stations.

Additionally, about 48% of respondents said they’ll mask up in shopping centres, and 33% to 37% masking up at indoor events, festivals, places of worship, cinemas, and indoor workplaces.

Image: YouGov

Wearing Masks to Feel Less Vulnerable?

Private transport, airports, train stations, indoor events and festivals were all ranked amongst the places where people feel most vulnerable to COVID-19. About 40% or more respondents said that they feel the most uncomfortable at these places.

Interestingly, about 35% and 32% of respondents indicated greater discomfort in nightlife establishments and cinemas respectively. Does the dark give us a false sense of security?

Additionally, about 30% or less indicated discomfort visiting malls, places of worship, indoor workplaces and F&B establishments. These data suggests that Singaporeans are still more comfortable with their masks on, especially in public spaces seen as more vulnerable.

The wariness goes down to only 10% for friends or family member’s houses, indicating higher comfort levels around people we trust.

Image: YouGov

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Observations: Definitely More than 50% Still Masked Up

If you talked to anyone who tried walking around without a mask on today, they probably said that it felt a little illegal.

In fact, we observed that there were definitely more than 50% of people masked up in indoor workplaces and in malls. It’s almost about 80%, in fact. You can read more about it here.

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