All Travellers to M’sia Must Now Undergo Temperate Checks Due to China’s Reopening


Ramping up COVID protection is the new tech layoffs because everyone’s doing it now. 

In light of China opening up in just days, everyone’s getting fidgety.


Because China’s concentrated pool of 1.4 billion people is going to tsunami outwards, bringing with them the virus and whatever weird mutation it might have. 

As such, in a bid to protect their people, many nations have taken extra precautions. 

All Travellers to M’sia Must Now Undergo Temperate Checks Due to China’s Reopening

From today (30 December) onwards, all visitors to Malaysia will undergo temperature screening checks for fever. 

This comes after concerns about surging COVID cases in China.

Also, those who had been to China within 14 days before arrival would have to test negative for an ART test before entering the nation. 

If you’re in close contact with someone who has travelled to China in the last 14 days, you’d have to test as well. 

Those who are found to have a fever or other COVID symptoms will be quarantined or sent to health authorities for further checks. 

Also, the samples from those who tested positive will be sent for genome testing to detect mutations in the virus. 

China Does the Opposite

On Thursday (29 December), China’s Ministry of Transport announced that from 8 January, the temperature-taking requirements for passengers on public transport will be cancelled.

However, they still have to put on their masks.

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MOH: No Change in Any Restrictions for Travellers from China

While there will be a foreseeable surge in COVID cases, Singapore has not taken the same line of action as other countries like the US, Japan, and our neighbour. 

On Wednesday (28 December), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said there would be no change to Singapore’s COVID-19 rules for those travelling from China to Singapore. 

“At this juncture, the prevailing border measures and vaccination requirements for travellers and work pass holders arriving from China remain unchanged,” they said. 


Adding on, MOH said Singapore requires travellers who are not fully vaccinated, based on World Health Organization’s definition, to undergo pre-departure tests. 

Currently, travellers coming into Singapore have to submit an arrival card and health declaration stating that they are COVID-free, eliminating the need for pre-arrival COVID tests.

Hopefully, we don’t suffer badly from China’s opening.

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