The Mystery of the Samsung Note 7 Explosions Will be Revealed on 23 Jan, Here’s What You Need to Know

Remember the incident where Samsung Note 7 have exploded last year? Yes, the mystery of it will be revealed soon on 23 Jan. Here is what you need to know!

Incident of the Samsung Note 7


According to a report from Reuters, the main cause of the explosion was the smartphone battery as detailed in the investigation report. Earlier, the company had promised to reveal the cause of Galaxy Note 7 before the end of December last year. 

After the investigation was concluded, the reveal was delayed and will only be released to the public once the investigation is completed with regulators. 

Since then, not much is heard about the incident until recently, when it was announced that Samsung will officially reveal the results of their investigation on 23 January.

A Day Before They Reveal Their Earnings


Interestingly, this would be a day before Samsung is expected to announce its fourth quarter earnings, which is pretty intriguing. Nevertheless, by coming clean, they will be able to give buyers the reassurance that such incidents won’t happen again. 

Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung’s mobile business, will likely announce the results as well as new measures the firm is taking to prevent similar problems in future devices. 

Now, we guess Note 8 is the product that will either give them back their credibility or destroy it completely.

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