Najib, Who’s Serving a Jail Term Now, Admitted to Hospital


Malaysia’s former prime minister, Najib Razak, who is currently serving his 12-year jail term for a corruption case involving 1MDB, has been admitted to the hospital.

This is confirmed by his special officer, Muhamad Mukhlis Maghribi, who said, “He is currently being treated at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. I wish to thank prison authorities and Hospital Kuala Lumpur staff for the cooperation and help given.”

However, what led to his admission to the hospital is still unclear.

According to a prison officer who spoke to Astro Awani, he is now stable and is getting the required treatment.

An unknown source claimed that he is getting a medical check-up following an unknown episode in prison, but his condition is unknown. It would take a while before more details could be revealed.

Another source said that he was sent to the hospital due to “intestinal bleeding”.

Intestinal bleeding, also known more commonly as gastrointestinal bleeding (GI bleeding), is a bleeding in the digestive tract which could affect one of the organs involved in digestion.


Serious GI bleeding requires immediate attention.

The cause of the condition are plentiful, but the most common one are ulcers or hemorrhoids.

Najib’s Wife Was Just Found Guilty

Just three days ago, on 1 September, Najib’s wife, Rosmah, 70, had been found guilty by the High Court of Malaysia for accepting RM194 million (S$61 million) in bribes between 2016 and 2017 to help a solar energy firm, Jepak Holdings, secure a solar energy project aimed at providing solar energy panels to schools on Borneo Island.

She has been sentenced to 10 years’ in Jail.

In addition, she currently faces 17 other tax evasion and money laundering charges involving RM7.1 million in a separate trial.

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