Before Nasi Lemak Dress, There’s Actually a Durian Dress. Legit.

Just last week, my colleague was going crazy over the Nasi Lemak dress which will be donned by Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katie James, at the upcoming Miss Universe 2017 in December.

But before this delicious and imaginative creation came to life, there was a durian dress.




And the durian dress was introduced to the world in a beauty pageant.

What’s up with food-inspired dresses and pageants?

20-year old Thaweepon “Aoom” Phingchamrat was the beauty queen who unveiled the King of Fruit dress at the Miss Grand Thailand pageant, representing Chanthaburi (an eastern province of Thailand).

The dress features the characteristics of a durian sans smell, from its spiky cap to its golden pillow attachments which resembles the pulp.

Image: The Official Miss United Continents Facebook

The true beauty of the dress is seen in its full glory when she released the attachment.

Image: The Official Miss United Continents Facebook

While she ended up being the third runner up at the pageant but last month, her dress stole the spotlight at Miss United Continents pageant.

Held at Guayaquil, Ecuador, she took home the “Best National Costume” title.

Image: The Official Miss United Continents Facebook

The organisers told the news media that the costume presents the “durian in every dimension including its sharp external thorns along with the aromatic and sweet durian pulp inside and sprinkled over with dazzling gold yellow durian flowers.”

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I guess food couture is a legit thing, and I am loving it.

For those who want to witness the dress in motion, here is a video:

Maybe Miss Universe Singapore can wear a Chilli Crab gown with embellishments representing the various side dishes.

Or a Chicken Rice dress.

Come on, be more creative, Singapore!

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