Bedok Resident Got So Triggered with Neigbour’s Parrot, She Sells Her HDB Flat


Sometimes, buying and/or renting property can feel like you are trying for the lottery.

Because you can never be sure if your luck with neighbours is good or bad until you move in.

In some instances, there might be a hellish landlady who arbitrarily cuts off leases and locks out the tenants before they are done moving.

In others, it might be a tenant who decided to install nine air-conditioners in his flat, which ends up causing water to condense on the floors and ceilings of those living above and below.

But some reasons can be incredibly bizarre, like one 45-year-old woman who decided to move out of her Bedok flat because her neighbour’s parrot is too noisy.

Down With The Noisy Parrot

According to Shin Min Daily News, this incident occurred at Block 620 Bedok Reservoir Road.

A resident by the surname of Wu lamented that her neighbour’s parrot is so annoying that she can’t sleep, and there were even times where she would wake up abruptly in the middle of the night or at dawn because of it.


Needless to say, it is worse than a farm rooster, because at least that bird only crows at dawn.

Ms Wu said that she had been living at Bedok for 13 years and it had always been snug and comfortable.

Alas, this tranquillity was shattered one year ago.

After her new next-door neighbour moved in, Ms Wu would frequently hear the parrot chirping.

She revealed that the parrot was kept in a cage and the neighbour would hang it in the corridor at first.

Like clockwork, the neighbour would start whistling around 7pm, and the parrot would chirp along.

“This would persist until 10pm at night, with barely any pauses in between,” Ms Wu said, adding that it was even worse on the weekends.

Sleeping under such conditions was impossible.

For the sake of maintaining a cordial relationship with her neighbour, Ms Wu endured it, but she did not expect that the neighbour would take further advantage of her tolerance.

In the past, her neighbour would only whistle to the parrot on occasion, but the frequency gradually increased, to the point where they would start up a ruckus at dawn.

From Bad To Worse

Despite airing her grievances, the situation only worsened after her neighbour brought the cage into the house.

Instead of stopping, the neighbour started to play with the bird early in the morning. It was intolerable.

“My child needs to go to school, I need to go to work, [they are] too inconsiderate!” Ms Wu exclaims in frustration.

Her house is supposed to be a place for rest and relaxation; but after the parrot came into the picture, she cannot find rest.


Moreover, Ms Wu is a light sleeper, so her sleep is constantly disturbed by the squawks.  

Describing the current situation as “torture”, Ms Wu decided to sell her house.

However, it appears that she has to endure for a few months, as she can only move out and escape this squawk-fuelled misery next February.

Other Neighbours Affected

It appears that the parrot has some serious lungs because other neighbours are affected too.

When Shin Min Daily News reporters went to the block to scout the situation, they could hear the parrot upon exiting the lift.

One 26-year-old resident remarked that she would wear ear plugs to sleep, but she can still hear the bird noises.


Another 50-year-old resident stated that he could hear the chirps too, but it did not bother him as much.

As for the neighbour who owns the parrot, he said that he would “return” the parrot, but heaven knows what that means because he chose not to elaborate further.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News 新明日报

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