Passers-By Saved Boy from Attempted Kidnapping in Johor In Broad Daylight


It’s commonplace to see kids getting home from school on their own here.

But every parent’s worse nightmare is something bad happening to their child while they are on their way home from school and not being there to protect them.

This was the case for a young boy who was almost kidnapped by a man in broad daylight in Pasir Gudang, Johor had it not been for the vigilant attention of passers-by in the area.

What Happened

The suspect had tried to offer the 7-year-old boy a ride home on a motorcycle when the boy refused.

The boy was on his way home from religious school when the suspect approached him.

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Dashcam Recorded Attempted Kidnapping

Video footage shared by Utusan TV on TikTok showed a man in a grey shirt walking past a car’s dashcam while holding on to a young boy with one hand and carrying the boy’s bag with the other.

Immediately, shouting could be heard from the video, presumably directed at the man that walked past the car dashcam.

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The suspicious man in the grey shirt begin to pick up his pace and quickly walked past the car with the young boy still in his hand.

Passers-By Notice and Stepped In to Help

As the dashcam footage captures the man’s attempt to flee, a group of passers-by emerge from a nearby McDonald’s outlet that was located in the background.

The group of people ran towards the man while shouting at him.

According to AsiaOne, the passers-by involved noticed that the pair looked “off” and believed the boy was asking for help.

Once they succeeded in getting close enough to the suspect, one of them asked, “Is this your child or not?”

The suspicious man then replied the boy was an orphan while the boy cried and insisted he had parents.

Later, the suspicious man did try to make a run for it but failed to do so as the passers-by involved blocked him and chased him down.

Arrested By The Police

Rest assured, the suspect has since been arrested by the police.

According to their statement, the suspect has a disabled person card stating that he is a mental patient. However, the suspect was also a wanted person for a drug offence.


The suspect will be investigated for kidnapping under Section 363 of Malaysia’s Penal Code. If found guilty, the suspect will be punished with a maximum imprisonment of seven years or a fine.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@utusantvofficial)