PHV Driver Tried to Claim $10,000 for ‘Pain & Suffering’ After Cutting into Another Vehicle’s Lane


Private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers have been the talk of the town recently—from a driver denying finding a rider’s $30,000 in his car to the alleged rule of drivers having to check for riders’ belongings after every ride.

This time, a PHV driver is in the limelight for trying to claim $10,000 for “pain & suffering” after cutting into another vehicle’s lane.

Here’s what you need to know.

$10,000 Claim for “Pain & Suffering”

On Saturday (3 Dec), Singapore’s favourite pseudo-traffic police, SG Road Vigilante, shared a Facebook post captioned with the contents of what appears to be a lawyer’s letter concerning the PHV driver’s claim.

The post was uploaded with a video from a car’s dash camera showing the alleged road traffic accident.

The video shows the PHV driver, driving the motor vehicle SMR1814M, cutting into the lane of the motor vehicle GBC2174D.

Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

The PHV driver then steps out of his white Toyota Noah to inspect his car to see if any damage was done.

Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

But… we’re not quite sure what he’s trying to see.

From the videos and images shared of the white Toyota Noah, there doesn’t seem to be any apparent damage to the car.

Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

One thing’s for sure though. The car definitely needs a wash.

Perhaps Singaporeans are great at seeing what isn’t there, the same way we see 4D numbers in anything.

The alleged road traffic accident occurred on 15 October 2020 along Tiong Bahru Road at about 8:40 am.

A Lawyer’s Letter for a Road Traffic Claim

Arasan Law Chambers, engaged by the PHV driver known as one Mr Tan, had sent a lawyer’s letter regarding the accident above.

Mr Tan’s lawyers were instructed by Mr Tan that the accident was caused by the other driver’s “negligence and/or contributory negligence in driving and management of motor vehicle GBC2174D”.

Now would be a good time to flashback to the footage from the car dash camera—didn’t the PHV driver cut into the lane?


And he’s still trying to claim $10,000? Pssh.

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Mr Tan reportedly attempted to claim $10,000 in damages for pain and suffering alone.

Of course, other special damages, including medical and transport expenses, were claimed as well, but the amounts claimed were far less than that for “Pain & Suffering”.

The video wraps up with an image of what appears to be a letter from the Traffic Police division of the Singapore Police Force.

It is unclear to whom the letter is addressed, but presumably, it is addressed to the driver of motor vehicle GBC2174D.


The letter states that the police investigation into the accident has “not produced any substantive result”.

Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)

This letter, however, while referring to an accident involving the same two drivers on the same date and time, appears to include one other vehicle – a motor vehicle with the vehicle registration number PC4682A.

It’s not clear how the third motor vehicle is involved. A ghost vehicle, maybe?

Are Accidents on the Rise?

While this accident occurred more than two years ago, it does seem that accidents have been on the rise recently.

Overseas, we’ve had Singaporeans killed in traffic accidents in Malaysia and Phuket.

Locally, the spate of BlueSG accidents has also recently come into the public eye.


With any hope, we’ll be hearing less about these road traffic accidents in the future.

Drive safe.

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Featured Image: Facebook (SG Road Vigilante – SGRV)