Woman Made Police Report After PHV Driver Denied Finding $30K She Left in Car


Did you know that private-hire car drivers are required to check their cars for your belongings after reaching your destination? LTA is now reviewing this rule, though. You can watch this for more context:


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While the rule has recently become the subject of netizens’ anger, there might just be one person who wants the rule to stick around.

A female passenger had accidentally left S$30,000 worth of cash in a private-hire car, and she needs it back.

S$30,000 and a pair of earrings

On Tuesday (8 Nov), a female passenger took a private-hire car to Golden Mile Complex.

It was only afterwards when she realised that she had left a Louis Vuitton (LV) bag filled with S$30,000 worth of cash and a pair of earrings.

Ms Jidapa Kattiya, 36, runs a brand-name merchandise store in Golden Mile Complex.

She had booked a private-hire car from her home in Sengkang to Golden Mile Complex.

When Ms Jidapa had just alighted, she apparently didn’t notice anything amiss. Only 13 minutes later, did she realise that she had left the LV bag in the car.

Oh no, cue the BBQ song now, please.

Driver unable to locate the bag

Ms Jidapa then called up the private-hire car’s driver, hoping that he would return the bag containing S$30,000 cash and a pair of earrings.

The driver’s response, however, was not one she was expecting.

The driver told her that he couldn’t locate her belongings.

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That means that the S$30,000 cash and the pair of earrings in the LV bag—they’re all gone.

Hence, Ms Jidapa lodged a missing items police report.

S$30K originally meant to purchase amulet

Why was Ms Jidapa even carrying S$30K worth of cash around with her anyways?


Apparently, Ms Jidapa was originally planning to use the money to purchase an amulet in Thailand.

You read that right. S$30,000 for an amulet.

The earrings on the other hand, were apparently for one of her customers.

Ms Jidapa said that the amount of money lost wasn’t small, and she hopes to find the S$30,000 soon.

Meanwhile, the ride-hailing company that employs the driver in question had apparently confirmed that the LV bag together with the cash and the earrings were not found in his car.


I mean, the bag has to be somewhere, right?

The ride-hailing company also advised the woman to lodge a police report after launching an internal investigation into this issue.

The company also promised to assist with investigations should they be required to.

Investigations into the case are still ongoing.

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