A Pile of Different Bike-Sharing Bikes in ECP Shows That They Have a Common Enemy

Over the past few weeks, ofo bikes have been making the headlines, mostly for the wrong reasons.

Like someone throwing a bike from the fifteenth floor when he’s drunk.

A fourteen-year-old throwing another ofo bike down an HDB building and it was all caught on film.

And yet another teenager who threw an ofo bike into a canal.

But then, this image showed up to remind us that ofo bikes aren’t the only ones to get abused.

Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

As long as you’re a shared bike, you’ll be misused and destroyed regardless of colour or company. 

This image was uploaded on STOMP, taken near a food centre at East Coast Parkway beside a bike rental shop.

They were simply dumped on top of one another without any efforts to park them properly.

Which begs the question: what were these people thinking when they did this? Was it fun?

Bike-sharing, you’d be surprised, isn’t a new concept. In fact, the idea of bike-sharing could be as old as Singapore, first thought of in 1967.

Throughout its history, bike-sharing schemes within different countries have once and again been stopped because of thefts and vandalism.

Yes, guys, it’s not just us.

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For those who think that people have evolved throughout the years, become better educated, with society becoming more civilised, think again. 

Because what was happening almost fifty years ago is happening today as well.

On a separate note, bike-sharing is said to be the Uber of bicycles. Because they have the potential to disrupt the bike rental economy, as well as bicycle shops’ businesses.

Just think about it: six months ago, when you’re in a beach, what comes to your mind when you intend to ride a bicycle? Rent one from a nearby shop, eh?

Now? You’ll just use your app to find the nearest bike-sharing bicycles.

Even wonder who’s going to lose their jobs?

Of course, we’re not implying that this pile of bicycles is the job of any organization, but them being there is already a big threat, don’t you think so?

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Feature Image: stomp.straitstimes.com

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com