Everything About ‘Quiet Quitting’, a New Trend in TikTok


While some of us might be used to the hustle culture and everything that comes along with it, including sleepless nights and working overtime more times you can count, it’s apparently not the “in thing” anymore.

Instead, a new trend called “Quiet Quitting” has recently surfaced on TikTok, with many

Unlike what it sounds like, it’s not about literally quitting your job.

Instead, it’s apparently just about creating a healthier, more sustainable work-life balance for yourself, which sounds like something that we could all do with.

And here’s all you need to know about this latest phenomenon on TikTok.

Saying No to Overworking

Yup, that’s basically the gist of it.

In a world where working late into the night even when your formal working hours end at 5pm might seem like the norm to some of us, some might wonder why anything has to be changed since everyone’s “used to” overworking themselves in one way or another.

And for those who don’t understand, TikTok user @zaidleppelin recently posted a video on his account to talk about the culture of quiet quitting.

In his video, he touched on how quiet quitting is “quitting the idea of going above and beyond at work”.

This includes drawing boundaries regarding your job responsibilities, such as not working overtime or having to settle work-related issues and responsibilities beyond your working hours.

Of course, with these boundaries set, employees would then be able to find themselves with more time and freedom to relax or do whatever they want outside their jobs.


You’re Technically Still Doing Your Job

And quiet quitting definitely isn’t about completely slacking off while you’re at work either, according to @zaidleppelin.

“You’re still performing your duties, but you’re no longer subscribing to the hustle culture mentality that work has to be your life,” he added.

Like one Tiktok commenter said, “That’s not quitting, that’s literally how normal work should be.”

Others also pointed out that the “bare minimum” that most of us look at negatively is really all that one should be doing for their pay grade.

Not Being Taken for Granted

Others in the comments section also talked about how one should do the bare minimum required unless you enjoy your work, as going above and beyond all the time without expecting anything in return may result in some employees being taken “for granted” by their employers.

“If your hourly doesn’t change. neither does my job description,” one commenter even wrote.

Reduction in Stress Levels

Of course, with less stress coming from your work, it’s pretty self-explanatory that stress levels for most will likely go down.

With the term being thrown around as a self-care or even survival tactic, many across the world have come to realise the benefits that quiet quitting can bring to our lives, especially for our mental health.

In the comments section of @zaidleppelin’s video, one commenter wrote, “I quiet quit six months ago and guess what, same pay.

“Same recognition, same everything, but less stress.”


“Spend your days off building the life you want, not escaping the life you have,” another user advised.

Singaporeans’ Reactions

As for how this phenomenon is being accepted in Singapore, a discussion regarding this topic was recently set up in r/singapore, the subreddit for Singaporeans.

In the post, the author made references to “lying flat”, a phenomenon often seen in countries such as China as younger workers choose to let their hair loose and not overwork themselves despite the stressful environment.

Regarding the “lying flat” phenomenon, some people pointed out that what is considered “lying flat” in China might be the norm for other countries, given that the Chinese are often put under immense pressure when they are in the workforce.

Positive Attitude Towards Quiet Quitting, Recognise the Benefits

Most Reddit users also commented positively about the idea of “quiet quitting” and said that it would be beneficial to many aspects of employees’ lives while having an “optimal Effort to Money ratio”, as one Reddit user put it.

Several Reddit users also highlighted that one’s happiness is still of utmost importance, and that “life is short, work is just one aspect of living”.


Importance of Establishing Your Worth

Some also shared their experiences of overworking but not getting promotions or other incentives at work in the end as compared to their coworkers, which has prompted them to adopt quiet quitting in their job.

In the same vein, some Reddit users advised employees to “play hard to get” with their companies in order to ensure that their efforts are appreciated.

“Always sell your skill, not your time—your time is something that is precious to you but worthless and valued like zero to others,” one Reddit user wrote.

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Others pointed to social media as a contributing factor to the stress that many working adults face while in the workforce, and said that we would be better off without feeling the pressure after seeing the glamorous side of other people’s lives.

Negative Connotation of “Quiet Quitting”

However, there were also users who criticised the term “quiet quitting” due to its negative connotation and pointed out that there is absolutely nothing wrong or “bad” about just fulfilling the basic requirements that your job asks for.


“It is absurd to try to craft a narrative around averagely-motivated people staying in their jobs as ‘quitting’, it’s the opposite,” one Reddit user said.

In the meantime, you can watch this video to learn how to be much more productive in the office:

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