Show Luo’s Agent Allegedly Leaked Gillian Chung’s Divorce to Divert Attention from His Scandal

Gillian Chung’s divorce and her husband’s claims shookth the internet.

Here’s A Short Recap:

  • Chung’s husband, Michael Lai, wrote a long-ass post revealing his and Chung’s divorce
  • Lai said Chung has never loved him
  • Their marriage troubles started shortly after their wedding in LA
  • He had tried but failed to salvage the relationship
  • Chung, meanwhile, asked not to be disturbed
  • Friends of Chung said Michael should not be acting like a victim.

And now, there’s a new twist in the saga.

Show Luo Agent Could’ve Leaked The News

According to a report by TVBS news, Chung and Lai had agreed to reveal the news of their divorce in the second half of 2020.

However, Lai was forced to do so after it leaked.

On 7 May, before he left Taipei, he met a friend for dinner and the pair coincidentally bumped into Show Luo’s agent.

Image: YouTube (TVBS News)

During the dinner, the conversation turned to Lai’s divorce with Gillian Chung.

Image: YouTube (TVBS News)

The next day, he started receiving calls from the media about his divorce.

Image: YouTube (TVBS News)

This has led some to suspect if the news was leaked in order to divert attention away from the Show Luo scandal.

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Another Short Refresher:

Show Luo hasn’t been having a great year so far.

  • He was spotted partying with 20 girls despite Covid-19 and the fact that he’s in a relationship
  • His ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow, found out about his cheating ways after looking through his phone
  • His mom came out to try and protect her son only to be flamed online
  • He knew he messed with the wrong girl when even fellow celebrities couldn’t protect him.
  • Even a heartfelt note to protect his mother was thought to be fake.

Whether it was really leaked to do so or not? No one knows.

But the Show Luo scandal seems to have come to a close anyway after he has reached out to Grace Chow to apologise and ask for a ceasefire.

The talk reportedly turned out well and he had “made a promise to change”.

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