Old Storage Heater That’s 60kg to 80kg Fell in Toilet Due to Rusty Bracket


When people said to end the year with a bang, most people would expect popping champagne bottles or fireworks. 

For Singaporean Facebook user Charles Lim, things have been a little different.

It was his toilet’s storage heater that came off with a bang, giving him the shock of his life. 

In a viral post shared to the Facebook group Singapore Home DIY, Lim explained that the metal bracket holding onto the storage heater had broken apart due to rust and corrosion. This caused the storage heater to detach and fall forward. 

Fortunately for Lim, it was still hanging on by a thread. The water pipes that supplied water to the storage heater unit held on for dear life, preventing the unit from collapsing to the floor. As a result, minimal damage was caused, other than minor water leakage. 

Image: Charles Lim / Facebook

Thankfully for Lim and his family, there was no one in the toilet when the incident happened. The storage heater was easily weighing about 60 to 80kg at that moment, filled with about 30 litres of water when it fell. It could have caused severe injury if it was to fall on someone. 

Possible Negligent Work Done by Previous Contractors

There were many speculations by Lim and fellow Facebook group users behind the storage heater’s collapse. 


One possibility is the type of metal bracket Lim used to hold up the storage heater unit. However, Lim explained that it was a resale flat property left behind by the previous owner that has been in use for more than 10 years. It was unclear what type of metal bracket was used.

Many users, including Lim, have ultimately chalked up the incident to the poorly done renovation work by the previous contractors in the toilet. He explained that it was likely the contractors’ failure to patch up the tiles behind the storage heater unit well after drilling the brackets in. 

The combination of heavy moisture, poorly patched tiles and rusty metal likely caused the brackets to give way and cause the storage heater unit to fall down. 

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Rusty Metal Spells Disaster

However, as a general rule of thumb, moist and metal do not go well together. 

When metal gets rusty, it starts to rust and loses its strength to hold heavy objects. This is especially so for the wet and damp environment of toilets.

It is best to acquire two brackets made of stainless steel to securely hold the heavy storage heater unit. Stainless steel does not rust easily due to its alloying nature and would be highly suitable to use in moist environments like the toilet. 

Some Facebook users also chimed in with their own experiences with falling storage heater units. 

It is important that we stay vigilant and fix anything that’s broken as soon as possible, even if it still appears to still work fine. 

Image: Shijie Is Duncan / Facebook

Maybe a New Year’s resolution we could all consider adding to our list would be to check our storage heater’s brackets too. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Featured Image: Charles Lim / Facebook

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