Stranger Things Moves to Yishun for Season 2. Wrong Lah Neflix, Should Move to Bukit Batok


Yishun, known for its bizarre shenanigans, has recently pushed Bukit Batok off the limelight. It has claimed its throne once again, for all the right reasons.

Yesterday, Netflix released a promo of sorts to tie in with the second season of Stranger Things which premiered on 27 October 2017.

It has reached 125k views and 2590 shares as of writing time.


Just to give you some background, Stranger Things is a sci-fi thriller set in the 80s. It takes place in a fictional town, Hawkins.

The town is riddled with strange happenings such as alien-like beings, a kid with telekinetic powers and the other-worldly universe, the Upside Down.


So the promo used Yishun as its backdrop!

Trying to project the Upside Down aura, Netflix added some local elements to the mix such as……


Block 666—the devil’s number—located at Yishun Avenue 4 (BTW this is a real block).

Image: Netflix Facebook

Highlighting what Yishun is known for.

Image: Netflix Facebook

There was even a Demogorgon spotted in the area.

Image: Netflix Facebook

You can check out the full video here!

They were also super creative with their replies to the fans.

Image: Netflix Facebook
Image: Netflix Facebook

All in all, this is definitely a well executed project. For those who have no clue on what Stranger Things is about, then I am sure the promo has piqued your interest.

For the superfans, you can download the Stranger Things mobile game on iOS and Google Play to get on the action!

But…Netflix, maybe you got it wrong leh. Now Bukit Batok got vomiting water X 2 and even a taxi that turned Volvo. And got a big snake somemore.

Isn’t Bukit Batok stranger?

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Featured image: Netflix Facebook

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