Another Celebrity, Super Junior’s Shin Dong-hee, Announced His Relationship


Following Lee Jong-suk and IU’s relationship announcement, another Korean celebrity has revealed his relationship. 

Looks like I’m the only single one this year.

Another Celebrity, Super Junior’s Shin Dong-hee, Announced His Relationship

K-pop boyband Super Junior’s Shin Dong-hee has been revealed to be in a relationship. 

On New Year’s Day (1 January), several Korean media outlets reported that the 37-year-old, known as Shindong, is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity. 

Currently, we do not know how long he has been in this relationship. 

In verification, Shindong’s Label SJ has confirmed, “Shindong is in a relationship with a non-celebrity.” According to them, he currently has no plans for marriage. 

Allegedly, his girlfriend was an idol trainee in the past but is no longer in the entertainment industry. 


Shindong’s Type

In past interviews, Shindong has mentioned his ideal type: a cute, short girl who can play the drums. There was one female K-pop idol that met his requirements.

When he was interviewed on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shinyoung’s Noon Song of Hope,” he was asked: “What girl group did you watch the most during military service?”

He responded by naming Red Velvet, his fellow labelmate. 

The host, Kim Shinyoung, said: “I know a lot about Shindong, and I know it’s not just because of a fellow squad member. I know who your ideal type is among the members.”

Secret crush moment? 

It was here that he revealed he was a fan of Wendy, saying that she was “close to (his) ideal type.”

“Looking at her from every aspect, I think she’d be a perfect wife.”

Image: KpopStarz

Well, now that he’s with another girl, looks like that’s not happening anymore. 

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Previously Engaged?

In 2020, Shindong spoke about his past engagement that fell through on the South Korean talk show “Strong Heart.”

“It didn’t go well with the girlfriend I met after promising to marry,” he said.

At least he’s happier now.

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