CNB Arrested 5 Teens Below 16YO for Trafficking Cannabis in S’pore


Five teenagers have been arrested for suspected trafficking of cannabis in two separate cases this month, said the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) on Thursday (27 Oct).

Three of the suspects are aged 14, while the other two are 16, and they are students from local and international schools.

Approximately 226g of cannabis and food products believed to be infused with cannabis, alongside improvised drug utensils were seized in the two cases.

Weeding Out The First Parcel

In the first case, CNB said immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers had detected a parcel containing suspected drug paraphernalia at the Singapore Post Centre’s parcel post section.

Here is a reason why you should never smuggle anything through post: the ICA screens these parcels for dangerous and prohibited items with X-ray technology as it goes down a conveyor system.

In a follow-up investigation, CNB officers arrested two 16-year-old suspects, a boy and a girl, in Bukit Batok Street 51.

Roughly 59g of cannabis and other drug paraphernalia were found in the girl’s home. It is believed that some of the weed had been mixed with tobacco and rolled into joints.

Image: CNB

The Second Case

For the second case, a 14-year-old boy accompanied by his father surrendered about 115g of cannabis at a neighbourhood police post.

When the teen was escorted to his home, another 52g of cannabis and cannabis-infused food products were seized.

In a subsequent operation, CNB officers arrested two more 14-year-old boys for alleged drug trafficking. One occurred in the Clementi Road area and the other in Serangoon Road.

Investigations into these two cases are ongoing.

Image: CNB

After highlighting these two cases in a press release, the CNB dished out its usual PSA:

The Bureau stressed that “well-founded and strong” research has shown that cannabis use has short-term and longer-term adverse effects, which includes cognitive impairments to the brains of young abusers.

Hence, Singapore maintains its stance that cannabis should be an illicit drug.

Additionally, the CNB believes that preventative education is key; it is working with schools and communities to ensure that everyone knows the harms of drug abuse.

“CNB stands firm in our belief that everyone in Singapore should have the right to live in an environment free from the scourge of drugs. We urge parents to partner us to keep our young ones safe,” said Assistant Commissioner Lim.

Anyone with drug-related information can file a report by calling the CNB hotline 1800 325 666 or filling out a feedback form on the CNB website

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Featured Image: CNB

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