There’s a ‘Pirated’ Chinese Version of Travel Frog, But It’s a Travel Panda

Let’s face it: the only reason why you’ve clicked into this article is that you know about Travel Frog.

Now, whether you’re paisay to admit that you love the game or you dare to openly declare your hatred for the game, you can’t deny that it has taken Singapore by storm.

Even after so many weeks, it’s still in the top chart in Google Play.


While it has lost the top spot, you’ve to understand that it’s an extremely competitive chart: for a game that doesn’t allow you to anything except to wait, it sure is a miracle.

But there’s just this one problem: it’s in Japanese.

Sometimes, I didn’t even know what the heck I’m doing in the game: what’s that notification, and why did my frog always leave the house even when I didn’t pack his bag?

Or did I put the food on the table instead of his bag?

No one knows why—when it’s earning millions of dollars—there isn’t an English or Mandarin version of it.

But now, it’s too late, because Travel Panda has arrived.

An almost exact clone of Travel Frog, the frog has been changed to a panda, but the game-play mechanics and design are almost similar.

Except for one important factor, though: it’s in Mandarin.

Here, take a look (and also take a listen at the background music):

Of course, this time, the panda travels to various part of China, because, well, you’ve guessed it right: it’s made in China.

Unlike Travel Frog, though, the game isn’t in Google Play or the App Store: instead, it’s in QQ空间 (Qzone). Think of it as Facebook in 2011, back then when people played lots of games on Facebook.

It’s so popular, it’s in the top 10 games in QQ空间.

I’ve got to admit that the panda is so much cuter than the frog.

Here, this is the panda writing…

…and this is the frog writing.

This is a panda’s travel picture…

…and this is a frog’s travel picture.

Now, all we need to do is for someone to create a Travel Cat in English, and trust me, it’ll earn billions of dollars instead of mere millions of dollars.

‘Coz cats.

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