Person Who Didn’t Pay for Duck Explained His Action & Also Paid for His Meal

Well, I guess the guy who didn’t pay for his duck ended up putting it on his bill after all.

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet as of late, you might find the following post familiar:


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Ah yes, the “duck man” that Duckland at PLQ who told the staff at Duckland (which is an Irish duck restaurant) that what he was served wasn’t an Irish duck.

If you have no idea what I’m going on about, we’ve got you covered here. But basically, the TL;DR version of events is that a man refused to pay for his food and walked out of Duckland after claiming to the staff and manager that the duck he was served wasn’t an Irish duck.

Yes, this happened. In Singapore. In 2022.

After the incident, Tung Lok Group took to social media to post about their peculiar experience, which caused much laughter amongst many netizens.

Others also called the man out for his irresponsibility.

However, it seems like all’s well that ends well, because Tung Lok group posted an update two days ago (25 March) to explain the current situation:

The customer made a trip back to PLQ Mall on 25 March to pay for the half duck that he had accused of not being an Irish duck previously.

According to the post, he also “had a cordial conversation” with the manager and provided his feedback, saying that he had wrongly accused Duckland of not selling Irish ducks due to the fattier duck he was served during his visit to another Duckland branch around two years ago.

“He recalled having visited another branch of Duckland about 2 years ago and remembered the Irish duck to be fattier then. Hence he doubted that the duck he ordered this time was from Ireland,” Tung Lok Group wrote.

They also highlighted that the man was right, and that Irish ducks are typically fatter.

“In fact, it is the higher amount of fats (good fats, that is) that makes the Irish duck special and more fragrant,” they explained.

Er, so basically this ruckus was all because the duck not fat lah. So remember, guys, being fat isn’t a bad thing. It’ll solve all the conflict in your life for you leh!

They then added, “However, over time, with technology improvements in cooking equipment, we are now able to control and reduce the amounts of fats in the ducks we prepare. Based on regular feedback from our customers, we have regulated the amount of fats we retain in the duck during the cooking process.

“For our customers who prefer to retain more fats in the cooked ducks, if you allow us advance notice, we will try to prepare them to your liking.”

Tung Lok Group also mentioned that they offered to give the man a roasted half duck for free after he paid for the previous visit, but he “declined as he was in a rush to leave”.

The corporation then ended off by noting that even though they had previously announced that they would make a police report, they ended up not doing so.

Netizens’ Comments

While some netizens were tickled pink by the idea of an entire argument being based on the fact that a duck, well, wasn’t fat enough, others had more serious points of view.

Some netizens applauded the restaurant staff and manager for handling the odd case in a “professional manner”.

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However, others also took the chance to criticise Tung Lok’s way of dealing with the incident, particularly on social media.

One commenter wrote on Facebook, “This is overboard and very bad publicity from TungLok. The customer did not eat because he is not certain of the quality of the dish and left. It is not a case of eat and run. This kind of super minor issue also want to report to police and broadcast the video to everyone. Who dares to visit a restaurant when you cant even raise doubt on the quality of the food served ?”

Others also accused the corporation of using the man for “free publicity”, noting that he had a valid reason for not wanting the duck and that he still paid for the duck eventually.

There was also a user who said that the man should not have had to pay for the duck, given that what he got was not what he “expected”.

In the meantime, maybe we’ll find something else that’ll make us quack up in the same way that this incident did.

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