We Predict That MCD’s Next Special Burger Will Be Out on 2 Nov & It’ll Have Black Buns

Over here in Goody Feed, we love McDonald’s as much as we love our readers.

After all, what’s not to love about our favourite fast-food outlet? The food rarely disappoints, it’s fast (not like other fast-food restaurants that aren’t…fast), and they’re always coming out with new (and very interesting) items.

Like the latest Samurai Burger, which isn’t new but you get the idea.

Earlier, we published an article promising that the Ninja Burger will be black, if not we’ll eat some cockroaches.

Just some context: when McDonald’s released the Samurai Burger, they mentioned that they would also be bringing in a “Ninja Burger” at a later time.

Image: Phactual

Samurai Burger is something old but Ninja Burger is new, so as a McDonald’s fan, we managed to dig out some information about this new burger which is not verified.

But now, we’re so confident, the entire team dare to make this promise to our readers: if this “leak” isn’t real, we’ll dig out all cockroaches from our homes, turn them into patties and live-stream us doing a taste test of this “cockroach burger”.

On 2 November 2017, the Ninja Burger, which looks like this, will be released.

So, why are we so confident of this Instagram-worthy release?

Coz we’ve got evidence.

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Someone sent this to us.

Can’t see? Here, we zoom in for you.

Ninja Special FTW!

Well, seems like McDonald’s hasn’t been keeping their secrets well.

Nevertheless, this could mean one thing: we in Singapore are also getting a burger that has black buns.

Not sure about you, but we’re all looking forward to it.

Not the cockroach burgers, mind you.

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