Woman in KL Airport Went Viral for Being a Classic Example of a Karen

Have you ever met a Karen in real life? Most of us have, but if you’re the rare one that has yet to meet a Karen in real life, we know where you can find one.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Here’s why we say so.

Woman at KLIA Slammed for Being Rude Towards Airline Staff

On Tuesday (27 Dec), a TikTok user, Yully Lee, with the username @missssssyl, shared a video that took Malaysian and Singaporean TikTok by storm. The TikTok user is an airline ground staff member at KLIA.

The 16-second video showed a woman verbally attacking the TikTok user’s co-worker and was captioned: “What would u do if people like this attack you for no reason?”

The video went viral due to how bizarre the woman’s behaviour was. Since then, the woman in the video has earned herself the nickname “KLIA Karen”.

Unfortunately, if you’ve yet to see the video, you no longer have a chance to. The TikTok user has since taken down the video.

“KLIA Karen” Slams Passport on Counter, Yells String of Vulgarities and Mocks Staff

It’s incredible how much you can do in 16 seconds—you could make your bed, tidy your table, wear your shoes, or ruin your reputation. “KLIA Karen” opted for the last one.

What a productive use of her time.

In the 16-second clip, the woman slams her hand and her Norwegian passport onto the counter and threatened to call the embassy on the KLIA staff member.

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She proceeded to haul a string of vulgarities at the staff member.

Whoever taught her that words are sharper than swords, good job, because “KLIA Karen” really integrated that into daily life.

However, that’s not all that “KLIA Karen” has in store for us. She suddenly crossed her arms in the video and started mocking the staff.

Image: TikTok (@missssssly)

In true Karen fashion, she then wrapped up her tirade by demanding the staff member’s name.

We’re surprised she didn’t demand to see the staff member’s boss.

Woman Arrested and Fined RM100

The KLIA district police chief Imran Abd Rahman shared that the woman was charged with behaving inappropriately and fined RM100 (S$30).

$30 is peanuts. In comparison, if you so much as litter in Singapore, you can be fined up to a few thousand dollars.

Regardless, the district police chief shared that the woman had demanded to get out of the airplane after claiming that she had left some belongings behind. When her request was declined by KLIA staff, the woman made a scene.

Singapore’s Very Own Infamous Karens

While we’re thankful that Changi Airport didn’t have to face the wrath of “KLIA Karen”, it doesn’t mean we don’t have our own Karens to deal with.

Remember the MBS Mask Lady, also known as the Badge Lady? You’ll be glad to hear that she was sentenced to 16 weeks’ jail.

Or do you remember the infamous Beow Tan? She’s yet another Karen that, frankly, provided Singaporeans with a lot of entertainment with her antics on the MRT.

It’s just a pity that our Karens didn’t get the COVID-19 awards for keeping Singaporeans smiling during COVID-19 with their bizarre behaviour.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@missssssyl)