Giant Supermarket is Also Going to Absorb 1% GST Hike for 700 Essential Items for 6 Months


Have you been ordering your groceries from Shopee?

If you want to avoid the 1% GST hike next year, you should start buying your groceries from classic supermarket chains again.

NTUC Fairprice isn’t the only one absorbing the 1% GST hike for essential items next year. Giant supermarket has also just announced that they will absorb the 1% GST hike for essential items in the first half of 2023.

Here’s what you need to know.

Giant Supermarket Absorbing 1% GST Hike for 700 Essential Items for 6 Months in 2023

Yes, you read that right. The familiar supermarket chain will absorb the 1% GST hike for not one or two, but 700 essential items. This means that for the first six months in 2023, you need not worry about the GST hike when shopping at Giant.

Sheng Siong, we’re just looking at you now. When’s your announcement for absorbing the 1% GST hike coming?

These 700 essential items cover a whole slate of goods, including various essential food and household products. From Darlie Fresh’N Brite toothpaste to Royal Gala apples, you can buy the same items you always did at the same GST rate you’ve always been used to.


Oh, and we almost forgot to mention: the highly coveted Meadows potato chips are also part of Giant’s giant list of essential items. Before prices go up from the GST hike, you should definitely try out the newest coriander-flavoured Meadows potato chips.

“Lower Prices That Last” Campaign

Food for thought: Have you ever wondered why potato chips from other brands cost so much compared to Singaporeans’ trusty $1 Meadows potato chips?

Well, it’s because of Giant’s “Lower Prices That Last” campaign, which has been running since 2020.

Image: Giant

Giant is really doing the most for our wallets here. The most expensive city in the world? Well, not if you shop at Giant.

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The campaign was launched to help ease Singaporeans through the impacts of COVID-19 and applies to various goods—groceries, personal care, household and fresh goods.

The good news is that this campaign will continue running in 2023, allowing us to keep our living expenses low.

That is, if we don’t spend the savings on bubble tea anyway.

Senior Citizen Discount Programme

Are you still looking for even lower prices? Perhaps it’s time to bring your ah ma and ah gong out on a shopping trip.

In 2023, Giant will also continue its senior citizen discount programme, which allows all citizens or permanent residents aged 60 and above to get a 3 per cent storewide discount. The initiative enables vulnerable groups like the elderly to shop at low prices.

The catch? The discount programme only runs on weekdays, so you better make time on weekdays to find your grandparents.

DFI Retail Group, which owns Giant, also adds that more products from Meadows and the Giant house brands will be offered in the coming year.

Well, we hope the next Meadows product being added isn’t a quirky one. Say, what do we feel about peppermint-flavoured potato chips?

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