S’pore Woman Who Was Trapped in Toilet for 4 Days Believed She Could Survive Long Due to Her Weight

A 31-year-old woman was home alone for the holidays. However, it was not in the way you would think. 

The woman was trapped in her toilet for four days. She was reported missing by her relative when he noticed the line of delivery packages outside her apartment door and was subsequently rescued by the police in a dramatic turn of events.

Thankfully, she escaped the ordeal unscathed. 

What Happened? 

Speaking to Today Online, the woman, who identifies as Ms Yang, said she was trapped in the toilet due to the bathroom door knob coming off dislodged when she headed for a shower. 

She did know that her bathroom doorknob had been loose, but she did not fix it as it was still functional. Maybe a takeaway from this is to fix whatever’s broken immediately.

As Ms Yang was living alone in a two-storey apartment in Nottinghill Suites condominium, no one knew what was happening to her. At most, her neighbours only found it amiss that she was not seen in three to four days. 

She admitted that she did not try to shout for help, as she found it pointless to do so as her bathroom did not have a window to the outside world. 

She knocked on the bathroom door as hard as possible, hoping to grasp someone’s attention outside. 

Image: Nottinghill Suites Resident / Today Online

Her attempts at destroying the bathroom door were futile, though. She tried hacking the door and even used pipe-cleaning chemicals to corrode the door handle to break down the door. However, that did not work. One-star review for the product.

Eventually, her parents in China found it suspicious that she was uncontactable for days, prompting them to ask her relative to check on her. Her radio silence was then reported to the police, and Senior Staff Sergeant Ibnu Musalli and Sergeant Miqdad Fisall rescued her.

The good thing about this fiasco was that Ms Yang kept a calm composure throughout the ordeal. She assessed her situation and was steadfast throughout. 

She knew that there was ventilation and clean water in the bathroom, so she was still relatively safe for the time being while she was trapped. 

Throughout the four days, she spent most of her time either sleeping on the toilet bowl or keeping her mind active by solving problems she faced at work, as well as solutions to this issue to prevent such an ordeal from happening again.

Maybe we all need a moment in a trapped bathroom to become philosophical and assess our own lives. What is going wrong with my life?  

Even though the ordeal could be scary to some who feels claustrophobic, Ms Yang took it lightheartedly. She even joked that because of her chubbier physique, she could survive for many days on end without eating. Food was not on her mind the whole time. 

Maybe we should take losing weight off our New Year’s resolutions. For our safety in situations like these, of course. 

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What to Do if You Are Trapped in a Confined Space

If you find yourself trapped in a confined space, like an elevator or bathroom, the most important thing you have to do first is to stay calm.

Panicking will only lead to shortness of breath and racing heart rates. This situation will only cause you to become even more anxious and stressed in an already stressful situation. 

Remember to stay calm and composed and deal with the matter with a clear state of mind. When stressed, you are more likely to make rash decisions, which could lead to injuries. 

An important lesson learned from Ms Yang’s story is to bring a means of communication with you or inform people of your whereabouts regularly. This is so people can keep tabs on you wherever you go. 

Call emergency services and let them know your location if you have your mobile phone. Don’t worry; you can still call emergency lines despite poor reception. 

Make as much noise as possible. Not everyone has Spiderman’s spidey senses. People will not know if you are trapped or in danger if they can’t hear you. Knock, bang or even scream and shout as loud as possible (as what Britney Spears would want you to do).

Lastly, you have to wait it out while help comes to you. Superman will swoop in and save you from under your feet. Or most likely the police in our case.

You can read the full story of Ms Yang’s trapped bathroom experience over at the Singapore Police Force’s Instagram page.

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Featured Image: Nottinghill Suites Resident / Today Online