A Woman Who Was Missing for 4 Days Was Apparently Trapped in a Toilet


Usually, people would not associate nature’s call with duty’s call. 

However, this was not the case for one unfortunate woman trapped in her Upper Bukit Timah apartment toilet for four days without contact with the outside world.

Trapped Woman was Reported Missing

A woman had found herself trapped in her bathroom. She was left to fend for herself as she did not have a mobile phone when she went inside. 

Her relative called the police on 27 November 2022 after three to four days of trying to reach her but to no avail. Even trips down to her apartment were futile as her relative did not hear her cries for help, let alone any sounds from within. 

Senior Staff Sergeant Ibnu Musalli and Sergeant Miqdad Fisall took on the case. 

The police officers headed down to her apartment to take a look. They asked her neighbours, whose statements corroborated with the woman’s relative—the woman was not seen for the past three to four days. 

The police officers also noticed her delivery packages stacking up outside her apartment.

From their years of “instincts and experience”, they derived a strong possibility that the woman might still be at her home but was in a state whereby she could not respond. They were right.

They heard faint rapping sounds coming from the other side of the wall while asking the woman’s neighbours, which only increased such suspicion.

With the aid of the condominium’s security guard, they quickly opened up and entered the woman’s apartment to investigate. This is the moment where their hero moment begins. 

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Locked Bathroom and Her Cries For Help

When they were in the flat, they noticed that the source of knocking came from the bathroom. As they got closer, the knocking became louder. 

It was discovered that the doorknob to the bathroom became dislodged, which was why she was trapped in the bathroom. 

What ensued next was the woman’s equivalent of Superman saving the day. 

“Miss, we are the Police! We’re here to help you!” Officer Fisall cried out to the damsel in (bathroom) distress. 

Thankfully, she was still conscious and sounded off to them. The woman was subsequently rescued from the bathroom after four long days. 

She was later attended to by paramedics and, thankfully, suffered no visible injuries. Fortunately, there are no reports of dehydration after being trapped for four long days, as she likely had access to clean tap water within the bathroom. 


The full story can be read over here on Singapore Police Force’s Instagram page

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