Ah Girls Go Army’s Glenn Yong Listed in 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2022

The caipng auntie may call you a lengzai, but are you indeed considered handsome?

Local singer-actor Glenn Yong sure can say so. 

Glenn Yong ranks at #62 on TC Candler’s 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2022, an annual list celebrating the beauties of the world. Their goal is to put together a list representative of the modern ideal of worldwide beauty.

He is the first Singaporean to make the TC Candler’s 100 Most Handsome Faces list since they started in 1990. He did what Steven Lim did not manage to do.

Not only did he simply make history by making a list, but he also beat out many international favourites this year. 

From the west, he beat out teenage heartthrobs Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan, who rank 100th and 98th on the list. He even beat David Beckham, who ranked only 87th this year.

From the east, he beat out K-pop stars EXO’s Kai and NCT’s Mark Lee, who rank 97th and 71th, respectively. Even Chinese rising star Wang Yibo, standing at 84th, could not compare to Glenn Yong.  

He should pick up modelling next as his next career choice. 

Glenn Yong’s Elation and Celebratory Feelings

Glenn Yong shared on his Facebook page that he feels honoured to be part of the list, even calling himself “SINGAPORE REPRESENT”.

Who is Glenn Yong? 

Glenn Yong is a local singer-actor who first made his big break into mainstream media from his role as Sergeant Chow from Jack Neo’s Ah Girls to Army

He has since amassed a significant following on social media, with over 387.1k followers on TikTok and 130k followers on Instagram

He now even hangs out with huge celebrities like Jackson Wang.

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How Was He Selected? 

To be nominated for the list, one has to be nominated by social media traction. 

You can nominate your choices through their socials by commenting on their posts, such as their Instagram or Facebook posts. 

A surefire way, though, would be through Patreon community nomination. 

Per their Patreon description, “faces can be nominated by joining our Patreon community, where you will get Guaranteed Monthly Nominations (We cannot ignore or refuse you).”

Base membership, Chatter, starts at S$4.50 (GST included), entitling you to one monthly nomination. 

Their top membership, Voter, starts at S$15.00 (GST included), which would entitle you to five nominations per month.

Glenn Yong emerged victorious from a pool of 1,800 nominees and made the top 100. 

Other local male celebrities, including Tyler Ten, Zhang Ze Tong and Shawn Thia, were nominated initially through the Patreon nomination method but failed to make the final Top 100 list.

You could nominate yourself. Get your friends to do so to improve your chances of making the final list. Then you can truly be a certified lengzai.

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Featured Image: Glenn Yong / Instagram