Pet Owner Claims Yishun Vet Broke Her Bunny’s Leg Which’ll Require $5K Surgery


The vet even told the bunny’s owner that they cannot compensate her “since there is no proof of mishandling”, citing how CCTV footage apparently cannot be retrieved after seven days.

A look at the vet’s reviews showed many horror stories, with many fellow pet owners also commenting such stories under this post.

Here’s what happened.

Went to Get Bunny’s Diarrhoea Treated

Facebook user Shermaine Ho shared her experience at Yishubn’s Animal and Avian Veterinary Clinic (AAVC), in hopes of raising awareness about this clinic’s irresponsible service.

She recently adopted a bunny which had diarrhoea, and she brought it to AAVC on 15 November to get it treated.

To her horror, one of the vet’s assistants handled her bunny very roughly while getting it out of its bag, showing their lack of professionalism in handling small animals.

“My bunny was so terrified that it struggled and jumped out [of the staff’s hands].”


She also claimed that her bunny was “tearing” on the way home. The next day, Ms Ho noticed that the bunny was limping and refusing to eat.

Ended Up With a Broken Leg

On 19 November, she decided to bring her bunny back to AAVC to get her bunny’s leg checked. The same assistant carried her bunny and was still treating it roughly despite knowing that it was limping.

The vet told her to go to another vet because AAVC didn’t have any X-ray facilities to check the bunny’s leg.

After getting an X-ray at another clinic, she found out on 22 November that her bunny’s hind leg bone was broken. She was referred to a bone specialist, and was told that the estimated fees for surgery would cost at least $4,000 to $5,000.

No CCTV Footage, No Compensation

Ms Ho immediately went back to AAVC to ask for the CCTV footage as proof of the clinic’s mishandling of her bunny. However, AAVC told her that the footage no longer exists because it has been seven days since she first brought her bunny to them.

Since there was no proof of mishandling, the clinic told her that they would not compensate her for the bunny’s broken leg.

“It was my fault that I didn’t read their reviews before visiting and only [found out] how bad their reviews were after this incident,” said Ms Ho, attaching screenshots of the clinic’s Google page.

“They’re irresponsible and have zero empathy toward animals,” she said, and hopes that all pet owners will avoid this clinic at all costs.

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Pet Owners Sympathise, Share Horror Stories

The clinic’s Google page has a rating of 3.8 out of five stars across 275 reviews, while its Facebook page has a rating of 3.2 out of five stars across 95 reviews.

Skimming through the reviews, it seems like customers are either super satisfied or said that they had the worst possible experience there. Many of those who left bad reviews said that the clinic doesn’t care for the animals and only cares about getting as much money out of the owners as possible.

Additionally, there were also horror stories about the vet misdiagnosing their pets and their pets passing away.

Under Ms Ho’s post, many pet owners also shared similar horror stories, and were tagging NParks and the Singapore Veterinary Association to take action against AAVC.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

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