SIA In-Flight Safety Video Is Like a 6-Minute Movie

Caught the 6-minute movie yet?

Watch it. You’ll know what I mean after.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) published this on their YouTube channel on 7 August and has titled this the “New In-flight Safety Video”.

One word, classy.

So this is essentially the in-flight safety instructions that play on all the flights before take-off.

But if you’ve watched the above, trust me, you would have changed your opinion about SIA.

And there’s a reason why we have qualified it a movie.

The video quality, of high-class calibre. The transition between various scenes, refined and polished.

In short, this product deserves the award of excellence.


What’s this about?

In summary:

The Singapore Girl in the video connects you on a journey through Singapore.

Image: Screenshot from SIA video

Be amazed as you get introduced to the various scenes unveiled in the clip, including, Boat Quay, River Safari, Henderson Waves, Gardens by the Bay amongst the others.

Okay lah, marketing Singapore at the same time also because this is produced in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board.

Image: Screenshot from SIA video

Along the way, important instructions that ensure your safety on board a flight are demonstrated.

Image: Screenshot from SIA video

This is what we need. Original content, exceedingly fresh and creative.

SIA, ingenious. I forgive you for the bed bug incident.


I’ll love you even more if you can lower your fares just a teeny weeny bit.

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