3 People Flung Out from Funfair Ride in M’sia But Ride Still Continues


Many people look forward to a funfair’s launch.

However, a funfair in Malaysia took the launch literally. 

How did it do so?

By sending people flying off their rides. 

3 People Flung Out from Funfair Ride in M’sia But Ride Still Continues

In Selangor, Malaysia, the Eco Grandeur funfair has a ride that can turn into a catapult. On Monday (12 December), three individuals were flung out of a ride in the funfair. 

As if that wasn’t enough horror, the ride operator didn’t even stop the ride. 

A video posted on Facebook details the incident of the Sotong Ride.

The Sotong Ride is a machine with long tentacles, each carrying carriages for riders to sit in. A squid’s head is in the center of it all, making the device resemble a Sotong.

Image: Chow Weng Choy/ Facebook

As the ride starts, it functions normally. However, things soon took a dark turn. 

Like a centrifuge, the machine launched a rider out of the seat and into a barricade. A few others were also injured, and bystanders immediately rushed to the riders’ aid. 

Image: Chow Weng Choy/ Facebook
Image: New Straits Times

While the victims were being tended to, the ride was ongoing. 

Sotong ride operator blur sotong. 

According to the Kuala Selangor District Police chief, officers were informed about the incident at around 8.50 pm and immediately rushed to the scene. 

The injured were immediately sent to Shah Alam Hospital.

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Pressing Charges

In total, two women and a child were injured after falling from the funfair ride. Two of the victims, one woman and the child, were siblings. 


Noraziera Zulkiffle, 31, and Shah Faraza Aiefan, 11, respectively suffered head injuries and left eye and leg injuries.  They are currently in stable condition. 

Their mother is now looking to press charges. 

52-year-old Faizah Mat Sam said she has plans to sue the ride operator for “sheer negligence”. 

“The incident could have been avoided if the operator had followed the rules and regulations,” she said.
Following this, she lodged two police reports. 

Funfair Operating Without License

According to the district council president Rahilah Rahmat, the funfair did not have a permit to operate. 


On 29 November, they were instructed to cease all operations but they ignored it and continued to operate illegally. 

In a statement following the incident, the district police chief announced that the case would be investigated according to Section 6 of the Selangor State Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Enactment 1995 for operating without a license. 

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Featured Image: Chow Weng Choy / Facebook