Everything About the Air Travel Bubble Between SG & HK to That’ll Start from 22 Nov

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Today’s a day filled with great news.

Not only did the authorities tell you how close we are to Phase 3 now (okay that was yesterday but close enough), but there’s also been a new development in the Hong Kong-Singapore Air Travel Bubble, including the start date.

Everything You Need to Know About the Air Travel Bubble Between SG & HK to That’ll Start from 22 Nov

Previously, it was announced that Singapore has reached an “in-principle” agreement with Hong Kong about an air travel bubble.

Basically, it means that both countries agree with the idea but details haven’t been worked out yet.

But on 11 Nov 2020, the greatest shopping day to grace the world wide web, there’s now been more news about the air travel bubble.

Starts On 22 Nov 2020

Remember how experts in Singapore were saying that air travel for leisure won’t be possible before 2021?

Well, they’re now eating their words because from 22 Nov 2020, you’re able to fly to Hong Kong to eat at the original Tim Ho Wan outlet during your vacation.

According to Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung, a single flight to and from Hong Kong will jumpstart the air travel bubble with a quota of 200 travellers.

Flights will then be increased to 2 per day from 7 Dec 2020 onwards.

You can watch Mr Ong’s announcement here in both English and Cantonese:

Can Be Suspended

Now, the air travel bubble won’t be in place indefinitely.

While it’s going on, both countries will be monitoring the Covid-19 situation within their borders.

The Civil Aviation Association of Singapore (CAAS) reveals that if the average daily number of unlinked cases in either country reaches 5 or more over the span of seven days, the air travel bubble will be suspended for two weeks.

Free Travel

No, you don’t get to travel for free. The word “free” basically means you’re able to travel to Hong Kong for any reason, even if it’s because you miss the Char Siew Rice at Mongkok.

Unlike Green Lane arrangements, which is typically reserved for business or official purposes, the air travel bubble doesn’t care about what you’re travelling for, be it work, official or leisure purposes.


You also don’t have to adhere to a controlled itinerary.

All they care about is that you fulfil your criteria for entry into the other country.

Criteria For Entry

In order to enter Hong Kong, travellers must have tested negative on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test 72 hours before they depart.

To find out more about taking a PCR test for the departure to Hong Kong, you can click here.

Travellers must also fill in a health declaration form.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, travellers are required to take another PCR test, which must be booked and paid for beforehand.


According to Mr Ong, travellers will be made to stay at the airport while waiting for their test results, which typically takes around 4 hours.

Travellers from Hong Kong coming to Singapore, however, isn’t required to take any PCR test.

Instead, they have to download TraceTogether and apply for an Air Travel Pass.

Previously, it was mentioned that travellers visiting Singapore must keep the TraceTogether app on their phone at least 2 weeks after their departure from our country.

This is so that if they were tested positive for Covid-19, the authorities here can easily get their TraceTogether data to conduct contact tracing quickly.


To find out more, and apply for, the Hong Kong-Singapore Air Travel Bubble, you can click here.

Also, while it’s not said, be prepared to fork out quite a bit of money because, in view of the air travel bubble, flight tickets to and from Hong Kong has surged by quite a bit.

This is the first of many air travel bubbles that Singapore is hoping to set up, and if everything goes well, the Hong Kong-Singapore Air Travel Bubble will be the model where all future agreements are based on.

Featured Image: Sorbis / Shutterstock.com