BlueSG Car Made Such a Fast Right Turn, It Skidded & Hit 2 Cars & a Traffic Light


Pulling a Fast and Furious move in Singapore’s very limited space? Not a good idea.

This BlueSG car turned right so quickly that it ended up hitting two cars with a screeech, one of which was actually a Bukit Batok Driving Centre car with a learner driver inside. Talk about situational irony.

Hits Two Cars and Traffic Light, Narrowly Misses Another Car and Worker

Facebook user Vaanan Sivakumar posted his car’s dashcam footage on his Facebook page, catching the 3-second incident on video.

The incident, which happened on 22 September at around 6:30pm, occurred at a T-junction along Bukit Batok Road.

The BlueSG car could be seen making a right turn from the opposite direction of Vaanan’s car. Due to the BlueSG car’s speed, it skidded and narrowly missed Vaanan’s car.

Instead, the BlueSG car hit two other cars on the left. Sivakumar said that a Honda Shuttle and a Bukit Batok Driving Centre car were affected.

After hitting the two cars, the BlueSG car hit a traffic light before finally stopping.

A worker was allegedly beside the traffic light conducting road works then, and managed to move in time to not get hit.

Screeching of Tires Like In The Movies

In a comment, Vaanan said that the screeching of the BlueSG car’s tires was extremely loud. It was even audible in the footage, over the song playing in the car.

Seriously, doesn’t this kind of sound effects only happen in the movies? 

Thankfully, Vaanan’s car was unscathed, especially as it was a brand-new car. No further details about the Honda and the BBDC car have been given.

BlueSG has not yet responded to media queries about this incident.

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BlueSG’s Upcoming 4-Door Cars

Speaking of BlueSG, they will be adding bigger, four-doored cars to their current offering of the two-doored cars.

Their iconic French BlueCars, AKA the two-door small cutsy cars, will soon be joined by a fleet of up to 500 German Opel Corsa-e hatchbacks.

These cars, priced at around S$42,000 per car in Germany, are bigger than the French BlueCars. This could become more popular with users who need more space.


Additionally, these Opel cars are more modern, and are better equipped.

With better cars come higher prices, but BlueSG has stated that there will be an “introductory period” for these cars, where there will be no changes to the rental price.

For more information on this, you can click here.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Vaanan Sivakumar)