Cai Png Stall Accused of Charging Meat Price for Cauliflower Responded


Is cauliflower a vegetable or meat?

The answer might seem straightforward, but things are never that simple when it comes down to a cai png order.

One particular cai png stall charges meat prices for cauliflower, and diners are unhappy about it.

Is Cauliflower Meat?

On Saturday (3 Dec), a diner with the alias ACE on Stomp ordered a bowl of porridge with three accompanying dishes from a cai png stall at North Bridge Road.

The three dishes? Preserved vegetables, steamed egg and cauliflower.

Image: Stomp

The diner was charged $4.40 for his meal—a hike from the usual price.

Well, all we can say is that this diner is definitely not ready for the big leagues of Crystal Jade and their $90 vegetables.

Reportedly, the price for two vegetables and one meat tends not to exceed $4.

When asked about the price, the stall owner claimed that cauliflower is meat, explaining why the diner was charged the price of meat for the innocent-looking vegetable.

Now that’s one statement you’ll only ever get to hear in Singapore. Feeling patriotic yet?

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“Ace” also pointed out that she frequents the cai png stall a lot as her workplace is just in the vicinity. However, she and her colleagues would usually be charged different prices for the same dishes.

As there are many elderly residents living in the vicinity patronising the stall, she shares that she does not wish for the elderly to be ripped off by the stall owner.

A Hidden “Meat” In the Cauliflower Dish

The 55-year-old stall owner, when interviewed, revealed the reason why cauliflower was treated as meat in terms of pricing.

The stall owner claims that there is a hidden “meat” in the cauliflower dish.

As if the hole dug wasn’t already deep enough, he claims that the fishcake added to the dish makes it a “meat” dish.

Is fishcake really meat, though?


At this rate, fishballs might be priced at that of seafood dishes in the near future just for being made of fish paste.

He also added that he generally charges 70 cents for each vegetable dish and $1.30 for each meat dish, proving that unlike what “Ace” claims, there is, in fact standardised pricing.

The 55-year-old also noted that this is the first time such an issue has cropped up in the past six years of his operations.

Maybe we’re just getting more budget-conscious since COVID-19 hammered the world’s economy.

Economic Rice No Longer Economic?

Last month, a Facebook user was slammed for complaining about $1.90 cai png being too expensive.


He ordered one piece of sardine and one portion of curry vegetables.

On another recent occasion, a diner was charged $3 for cai png order containing a few slices of potato, a pathetic portion of meat (if you could even call what was given a portion) and a spoonful of dried red chilli, probably given out of sympathy.

There seems to be a trend, and it’s not one that Singaporeans will be happy with.

Perhaps the solution is for mixed rice stalls to display their prices for their respective dishes to ensure standardisation and consistency of prices and food portions.

Should all else fail, at least the Assurance Package GST payouts came in just in time to fund our “this one, that one” cai png orders.

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Featured Image: Stomp