Woman in M’sia Claims S’pore Loan Sharks Set Her Car on Fire

Imagine being screwed over for something that is not your fault.

It’s super relatable, but has your car been burned as a result of it? By someone from another country?

Harrassed By Loan Sharks

On Monday (14 Nov) morning, a 42-year-old woman from Ipoh, Malaysia, who wished to only be known as Ms Yip, was alerted by her neighbors about her car being set on fire.

After putting out the fire with the help of her neighbors, she discovered a note on her car that was supposedly left by the loan sharks, which read, “Call me back to settle your problem.”

But what problems do you have to settle if there were none in the first place?

Talking at a press conference held on Tuesday by Low Guo Nan, coordinator of the Ipoh Barat Malaysian Chinese Association, Ms Yip asserted that she wanted the loan sharks to know that she was not the one who borrowed their money.

Additionally, Mr Low had made a police call on their behalf and updated them that the police are looking into the incident as a criminal case. In terms of the family’s protection, he also requested that the police step up their neighborhood surveillance.

Who’s the Real Target?

Surprisingly, the incident has a slight twist; the note was addressed to her sister-in-law and had two phone numbers with the Singapore area code.

And here’s a bigger twist: it was the sister-in-law’s boyfriend who had taken out a loan from a loan shark in Singapore, according to Ms Yip’s mother-in-law, who only wanted to be addressed as Madam Cheng.

Now that’s a real family drama.

After learning about the incident, Madam Cheng stated that her daughter, who is in her 40s, has expressed regret.

“I have asked her to please settle the matter. My daughter has not lived here for over 20 years. Please leave us alone as we are innocent,” she pleaded, adding that she was concerned for the safety of her four grandchildren who were also staying at the house.

The 62-year-old retiree hasn’t seen her daughter since the beginning of this year as well.

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Loan Problems in Ipoh

The issue comes as no surprise as loan sharks from Singapore has been pestering families in Ipoh, according to Mr Low.

Recent months have seen more common occurrences, and at least two to three reports are received each month.

He further warned anyone who has been harmed or targeted by loan sharks to never speak to them personally or call any provided phone numbers. Instead, the first thing they should do is call the police.

He gave the anecdote of an Ah Long harassing a father earlier this year because of her son. The father reasoned that by getting in touch with them personally, he might pay the son’s debt. But despite paying them off, the Ah Long continued to torment the father.

Take this as a learning lesson: when you borrow money illegally, it doesn’t come back to bite just you, but everyone around you.

Even if you stay in another country.

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Featured Image: The Star/ Asia News Network