Couple Held Their Wedding Banquet in Bukit Merah Coffee Shop for $3,000


For some of us, the 15th day of the Lunar New Year might be the last chance to recoup some “financial” losses.  But for this particular couple, it is a special day that they’ll forever remember in their hearts.

Coffee Shop Wedding

The 15th day of the Lunar New Year, which is also the last day, falls on 5 February this year.

Also known as the Lantern Festival (no, it’s not the one in September, that’s the Mooncake Festival), grand celebrations are held on this day to wrap up the Lunar New Year.

For 54-year-old Huang Zhichang and 42-year-old Zhang Kele, the couple decided to take it up a notch: by holding their wedding banquet on this day.

Image: Zaobao (Xu Yingquan)

And to make it even more memorable, they didn’t have it in a hotel, but rather, in a coffee shop at Block 119, Jalan Red Hill Avenue.

Image: Zaobao (Xu Yingquan)

Awww, is that because that’s where they both met each other?

Actually, no. They met in a nightclub. Yes, the club is a place to find a lover.

It was at a friend’s party hosted in the said nightclub a year ago that the both of them got acquainted with each other. Fast forward, the couple decided to make it official last November.

In an interview with Zaobao, Huang explained that he chose that coffee shop because not only was it cheaper (only S$3,000) but also convenient for his friends who worked nearby. The wedding banquet menu was devised by Huang himself, and there were six tables in total, with more than 60 invitees.

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From Here On

Surprisingly, this isn’t their first marriage. The pair revealed that they were both remarried and prior to that, had been single for nearly 12 years.

This means love is never too late people!

Both of them have already met each other’s relatives, though they have only met Zhang’s through video calls.

They were planning to meet Zhang’s relatives in person, but the pandemic has made it difficult to do so. With loosened regulations worldwide, the couple renewed their plans and are likely visiting in March or April this year. Similarly, they will be holding another banquet there while also taking some wedding photos.

In hindsight, their wedding story pales in comparison to others. Remember that couple who held their wedding at Choa Chu Kang’s Columbarium last year? They really said “do death do us part” a little too seriously.

Or how another couple did an acrobatic cheerleader pose in the middle of Orchard Road for their wedding photo?

At the end of the day, what matters most is the memories they make, am I right?


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Featured Image: Zaobao (Xu Yingquan)