Durian Prices Have Fallen to the Lowest in 4 Years with MSW at $10 Per KG


‘Tis the season to be jolly… for our beloved durians are on sale.

Durian lovers, run to the nearest durian stall now and you might be able to snag some mao shan wang for only $10Don’t say I bojio.

Good Durian Harvest Leading to Lower Prices

Great news: we found the one thing that climate change is actually good for.

According to durian sellers, there’s been a massive harvest of durians in recent days.

This massive harvest is attributed to climate change, and also because harvest seasons at Johor and Pahang coincided this time round.

In fact, the supply of durians now is equivalent to the supply during peak season.

Since there’s been a rise in supply, the prices of durian have been adjusted to be much lower than usual.

Another piece of great news: your economics lessons are coming in handy for calculating the potential prices of durian.

Mao Shan Wang for Only $10

Shin Min Daily News interviewed a bunch of durian sellers and found out that mao shan wang durians are selling at only $10 per kilogram.

Previously, the cheapest price for the king of durian was about $12 per kilogram. Some sellers have even said that the current price is the lowest in the past four years.

For comparison, the usual price of a kilogram of mao shan wang is around $16 to $21.

Sellers have also said that the price of durian might drop even further in mid-December if the bountiful harvest continues.

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Durian Season Started Earlier (Which Most People Don’t Know)

Cheap durians without the need to squeeze and fight with crowds of customers? Is that even possible?

Yes, it is possible. Being a Goody Feed reader comes with many benefits, one of which includes being the first to know about lobangs.

In fact, we shared at the end of October that the durian season is back much earlier this year, with prices falling to $8 to $15 per kilogram.

Sellers shared that despite the massive supply of durians, they aren’t receiving many customers since many don’t know that the durian season has started earlier.


So if you haven’t gotten your share of durians yet, what are you waiting for? Get your mao shan wang before the crowds start pouring in.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News