There’s a New E-Sports Themed Hotel in Johor With Rooms That Start from $36

Gaming buddies, gather your passports and renew them now because SEM9 just launched an E-Sports themed hotel located in Johor Bahru.

Yes you heard that right—a hotel dedicated to gamers just right across the Causeway with good vibes and better food (sorry not sorry).

(A moment of silence for partners who are going to lose their other half briefly to this gaming madness.)

First E-sports Themed Hotel in Southeast Asia

SEM9 Senai is the first E-Sports themed hotel launched by the E-sports organisation, SEM9.

Image: Facebook (SEM9 Senai)

Located just three minutes away from Senai International Airport, the hotel promises an immersive gaming experience for their guests.

Image: Facebook (SEM9 Senai)

Visitors will not have to worry about getting transportation as there is a free airport shuttle service available on all days except for Saturday.

The hotel also promises high speed connection & Wi-Fi for guests plus breakfast for certain room packages.

Game Details and Gaming Rooms

Don’t fret about locating the perfect game to enjoy as SEM9 Senai has over 500 PC games available for selection.

However, note that their PlayStation 5 games are definitely more limited as there are currently only six games available for the system.

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At SEM9 Senai, the hotel offers high performance gaming PCs for guests to enjoy at their gaming rooms.

The computers come with a minimum RTX 3060 graphics card while the PCs located in the Executive Gaming rooms provide the highly raved RTX 3090 card.

Image: SEM9 Senai

When you are done with gaming, the hotel also offers food at their cafe. According to their website, these food items prepared are inspired by authentic Malaysian cuisine and all-time favourite game titles.

Prices and Launch Date

The SEM9 Senai E-Sports hotel has been in operation since 1 June.

SEM9 Senai has two types of rooms available at the hotel: 64 E-Sports rooms and 55 Classic rooms.

The E-Sport rooms are the ones with gaming features while the Classic rooms are standard hotel rooms with no gaming features.

Prices start from RM115 (about $36 SGD) for a half-day stay and RM270 (about $85 SGD) for a full-day stay for E-Sports rooms.

For Classic rooms, prices start from RM146 (about $45 SGD) for a full day stay.

Interested parties can book their gaming vacation right now via their official website.

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