Fire Broke out in Orchard Towers Yesterday; Here’s What You Should Know

Singapore is definitely on a hot streak (no pun intended) with all the fire incidents—just last month, there were 4 cases, a fire broke out in Toa Payoh, Serangoon North, Tampines and Jurong East Avenue 1.

And yesterday, a fire broke out in the heart of Singapore—Orchard.

What happened

According to Channel NewsAsia, plumes of smoke spread through Orchard Towers (the seedy/tasty part of Orchard)accompanied by an “acrid smell” yesterday.

About 60 people evacuated the premise before the SCDF arrived and Channel NewsAsia mentioned that the crowd seemed to look calm and they “held on to their drinks as they evacuated from the building”

Well. Don’t waste the drinks, eh?

Image: Ruth Smalley / Channel NewsAsia

SCDF was alerted to the incident at 8 P.M.; they extinguished the fire using a waterjet and a compressed-air foam backpack while wearing breathing apparatus set.

Image: Ruth Smalley / Channel NewsAsia

Luckily no one was injured.

As of writing time, investigations are still ongoing but the SCDF mentioned that the fire involved the contents of a bar top.

Orchard Towers, located at Orchard Road (ar bo then) is an 18-storey office building with bars and clubs. It also houses the Embassy of Romania (8th floor), Honorary Consulate of Mauritius (9th floor) and the Embassy of Cambodia (10th floor).

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Featured image:Ruth Smalley / Channel NewsAsia