Jacqueline Wong Asking Her ‘Ex-Boyfriend’ to Spend Time with Her in the US

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This isn’t a good year to be Jacqueline Wong.

First, she was caught cheating on boyfriend, Kenneth Ma, with Andy Hui, who happens to be married to Sammi Cheng.

Then, her reputation took a huge hit and her career was in jeopardy:

So, the last we heard, Jacqueline Wong escaped to Los Angeles, US, to hide from the backlash of her actions and the media.

And we thought that’s the last we’ll hear of her.

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Jacqueline Wong Asks Ex-BF To Join Her In The US

According to ETtoday, Jacqueline Wong is reportedly taking directing and acting classes in the US.

Image: Hype

And she has reportedly reached out to her ex-boyfriend, Kenneth Ma, and asked him to visit her.

Would He, Though?

After all, getting cheated on is a pretty tough pill to swallow and it has caused the deaths of more than a few relationships.

Well, he just might.

According to another report, Wong’s emotions are unstable and that might prompt Ma to pay her a visit during his one-month break.

It was also speculated that Ma’s advisors might also advise him that the scandal has died down and that any move for reconciliation might just be supported by the public.

Ma’s family members are reportedly unhappy about him seeing her again but it remains up in the air whether he would do so.

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On Another News: Andy Hui Resurfaces

To lend credence to the signs of the scandal dying down, Andy Hui is finally spotted in public again.

Image: Sina

He was spotted outside on 27 June 2019 and said that he was “feeling better”.

“I will do what I am supposed to do (and) come to terms with myself.”

He also clarified that he has not been keeping in contact with Jacqueline Wong after she has left Hong Kong for Los Angeles.

So one pair have made up while another pair is uncertain. Who knows what the future may hold, eh?

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