Lady Claimed Restaurant Chef Threatened Her When She Used Their Toilet; Restaurant Replied Like No Reply


Picture this: you’re in urgent need of a lavatory to release your bodily fluids, and just when you have all but given up and are in real danger of over-spilling, you noticed one that seemed available.

Thanking your lucky stars, you rush into it.

After relieving yourself, you step out of the toilet only to see a man garbed in a chef’s attire and armed with a sharp weapon.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” the man asked gruffly.

Scared out of your wits, you try to placate him by giving the politically correct answer: “Using the toilet.”

He isn’t satisfied, however, and takes another step forward, weapon poised in a menacing manner.

If you thought the piece above was some weird fiction…

Well, you will be in for a surprise. Here’s Facebook user Diamond ShiningBright’s narration of a rather shocking encounter.


(Disclaimer: it seems that the ‘victim’ was a friend of dear Facebook user Diamond ShiningBright here)

If you can’t read it, here’s the full text (warning: lonnnnnnnnnnng wall of text):


(From someone i know telling me tis morning)

So today (2 Sep 2017) I was at Chjimes, and I had just finished a meal in one of the restaurants nearby. As me and my friends were leaving for the carpark at about 2pm, they decided to head out for a smoke outside. While awaiting for them to smoke, I had to use the restroom and hence went to the nearest restroom I could find. I went past this WhiteGrass restaurant, which I had been a patron of previously, and used the restroom which was located outside along the corridor of the restaurant. There were no signs to say that public was not allowed to use it, so I went ahead and used it and when I finished using the restroom and stepped out I was greeted at the toilet door by a Caucasian man, dressed in chef’s attire.

I was taken a back when he started confronting me holding some sharp weapon in his hand asking if I were a patron in the restaurant and asked for my table number. Worried that he would attack me, I said yes I was a patron so I could be let free and leave soonest possible. However he kept asking for my table number and I apologized and said I was sorry as I was just using the restroom as it was urgent. However he cornered me and placed his face close to me and called me a “fucking cunt” and warned me never to let him see me around the area ever again and “I will fucking kill you”. Yes, those were his exact words. While he was saying these words, he gave a sinister smile and kept calling me a “fucking cunt” and a female staff in short bleached hair who happened to be standing outside was also in shock, seemingly unaware of what was happening.

While I would like to apologize on my part for using the restroom, and totally understand that if given the notifications that it’s for patrons use only, I would definitely have used elsewhere and not used it. I would like to back up with the fact that there were no signs to say that the restroom was not to be used by public too. It was an honest mistake and I believe that the staff could have told me nicely that it was not to be used by public but by restaurant patrons only.

However, the recent title holder for “best restaurant” in the G Restaurant awards did not live up to the title. As I have been a patron before myself previously, I recognize that their staff were very pleasant and the restaurant served really great food. Today’s experience totally made me lost my faith in the restaurant, and having the chef-turned-owner #SamAisbett use a sharp weapon to threaten and hurl vulgarities at an innocent public just for using their restroom? Unexpected and traumatizing experience. The reason given on their Facebook reply was that there had been cases of patrons not from their restaurant who has used their restroom and have damaged their property. But in this case, if all was properly conveyed nicely, and that the staff could ask me to stand one side and inspect the restroom for any damages, I would have gladly done so. However, the Chef and Owner Sam decided to do so by threatening a helpless person. Over the use of a restroom? Seriously?

Should I be reporting the chef to the Singapore Police Force for his unlawful and dangerous intent of causing hurt, or inform the #Michelin committee as well? The Facebook message I sent to Whitegrass Restaurant was answered by the Chef Sam Aisbett himself, and hence it would be of no use to complain to the restaurant management. I am still very shaken and traumatized by the ordeal and I have no idea what can I do about it.

#WhiteGrassSG #WhiteGrassRestaurant

I don’t know which one surprises me more: the fact that she had been threatened over usage of a private toilet, or the fact that the one doing the threatening’s actually a Michelin Star chef as well as the owner of a restaurant that swept the ‘best restaurant in the G Awards’.

The victim (or the friend) was naturally shocked by the incident, and this prompted her to message the Chef’s restaurant in regards to the incident.


Image: Diamond ShiningBright Facebook Page
Image: Diamond ShiningBright Facebook Page
Image: Diamond ShiningBright Facebook Page

So… for ‘trespassing’ your property, she’s gotta get threatened and interrogated by a dude sporting a sharp object? I doubt even robbers get that kind of treatment.

Image: Diamond ShiningBright Facebook Page

And if you’re curious how the chef looks like, here he is (according to the lady, that is).

Image: Diamond ShiningBright Facebook Page

They always say that you shouldn’t ever judge a book by its cover, but yo if I was confronted by this guy and he had a sharp object in his fist, I would be scared shitless.

I was just using the damn toilet, bro. No need to get so angsty.


The Netizens had a common perception: call the police.

Image: Diamond ShiningBright Facebook Page

I’m not exactly surprised. If someone could go to the Police because her durians were tasteless, this matter surely warrants a police report.

What’s the world heading to?

First, there was that incident where a woman had threatened her husband with a knife because their maid had used the toothpaste.

And then there’s this.


We tried finding Whitegrass Restaurant’s Facebook Page but couldn’t find it. But according to my BFF Google, there used to be a Facebook Page.

But once you’re in…

Maybe even their Facebook Page is only for patrons. #justsaying

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