Lee Jinglei Reported Submitted New Evidence for a Court Hearing With Wang Leehom on 4 March


It seems like after two months of launching bombshells in a war of words over social media, Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei have truly, and finally, decided to come to a truce.

Well, as much as a confidentiality-bound truce as we can get, or else the fact that there will be court proceedings regarding the divorce and custodial agreement in New York taking place in early March wouldn’t have been revealed.

But in the grand scheme of their divorce, this is just another milestone to finalising the end of their marriage.

Leaked Documents and New Evidence

According to the unverified documents that were leaked by an unknown Chinese netizen last week (11 Feb), the documents allegedly contained information concerning the divorced couple’s court proceedings in New York.

At that point in time, Wang Leehom had already submitted 11 pieces of evidence against Lee Jinglei, claiming that she had broken their custody agreement, whereas Lee had yet to provide any evidence against the accusations.

In the latest development, it is reported that Lee Jinglei’s legal team has submitted seven pieces of evidence to support her own claims, though the contents remain undisclosed.

Well, the estranged couple are definitely like seven-eleven, with a lot in store and having even more….

Neither Lacking in Ammunition

Since the estranged couple have signed a confidentiality agreement in early January as reported by the Taiwanese media, it’s hard to say whether anything will be “leaked” again during the entire court battle.

But it’s not hard to guess what the evidence might be when Wang and Lee have revealed so much during their feud on social media.

For Wang, his allegations and evidence will likely involve Lee’s strict control over the time he has with his children and not allowing visits, or something that makes her unbefitting of being a mother and having so much time with the children.

Who knows what else there could be, 11 pieces of evidence is quite a lot.

For Lee, there’s the exposé of a string of infidelities, the forced attempt into the house with three other men, cutting off the financial support, and perhaps even the mental instability that Lee believes that Wang has, in deliberately choosing to expose their children to the public eye.

The pair will be meeting in court for the first time via a video link on 4 March to discuss the custody and visitation rights.

They have three children, their seven-year-old daughter Jiali, five-year-old daughter Jiana, and three-year-old son Jiayao.

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Reportedly, Wang has hired the services of divorce lawyer Tina Lai, who had handled Taiwanese celebrity Barbie Hsu’s divorce from her husband Wang Xiaofei, as well as singer Stella Chang’s divorce.

Just last week, Wang Leehom’s legal team filed a motion against Lee for allegedly breaking their custody agreement.


If the court agrees with Wang, his ex-wife could be jailed for up to six months.

In any case, the details into the custodial battle have been kept under the wraps for the most part.

Divorce cases can be settled quickly or drag out for a long time, but judging from the estranged couple’s stances where they’re arming themselves with evidence, we might be in for the long haul for this one.

In case you’re still not caught up with the updated version of the Wang Leehom saga, you can watch the attached videos below:

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