Massage Parlour Manager Got Into a Catfight With Customers Over $10

Quick question: if you get into a catfight right after a massage, do the effects cancel each other out?

A massage parlour manager got into a fight with a middle-aged couple over a $10 misunderstanding. Here’s what happened.

Misunderstanding Over Loyalty Card Discount

38-year-old Ms Liu, the manager of a massage parlour at Block 81 Whampoa Drive, told Shin Min Daily News about this incident that happened at 8pm on 14 November.

A couple in their 50s came to the store and had a 40-minute foot massage, along with a 20-minute shoulder massage. It cost $35 per person, totalling up to $70 for the couple.

The massage parlour had a loyalty card system, where if the customer collects 10 stamps, they can get a discount worth the lowest consumption amount amongst the 10 purchases in their 11th purchase.

When the couple proceeded to the cashier, they presented a card that had nine stamps. Together with the 10th massage session, this meant that one of the couple’s massage sessions will be offered at a discounted price.

The lowest price paid by the couple in the past 10 sessions was $25, so they could only have a $25 discount. This means that after the discount, the couple still has to pay $45.

However, the customers claimed that they hadnever heard of this system before. Though it was not clear what they thought the system was, they definitely felt as though the discount should have been higher.

Since the couple refused to listen to the employee, Ms Liu had to go forward and explain the discount system to the couple. However, the woman gave only $35 in cash and walked out of the store with her husband.

Pulled Hair and Clothes

According to CCTV footage, Ms Liu ran after the couple and pulled the man’s shirt to get him to stay. The woman ran away first.

The man allegedly shouted, “Don’t pull me, don’t use violence! I’m warning you!”, to which Ms Liu responded, “I won’t let you go until you pay your bill”.

Another employee then rushed out to try and de-escalate the situation, but to no avail. The man then escaped Ms Liu’s grasp and tried to leave, only for Ms Liu to grab his clothes again.

Suddenly, the man pulled Ms Liu’s hair and even stepped on Ms Liu’s feet while she was trying to call the police. But Ms Liu still held on, and wouldn’t let him go.

Ms Liu definitely isn’t going to let go of that $10, is she?

The woman then came back to help her husband… by pinching Ms Liu’s wrist. “The pain made me let go of him, and they ran away immediately.”

The police have confirmed that they received a report of this incident, and that investigations are ongoing.

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Rising Reports of People Not Paying Their Bill

It seems like 2022 brought about a rise in the number of people who leave without paying (though the majority of such cases happen in restaurants).

For instance, back in September, a Mercedes driver sped off with $334.50 worth of live seafood from Morning Catch Seafood restaurant without paying.

According to the owner, she waited five days for the customer to return and make payment as she thought that the customer just simply forgot to pay. She also sent a reminder to her regular customers in case it was one of them.

However, as nobody stepped up, the restaurant owner decided to take action and filed a police report in hopes of getting her payment.

Although it turned out that the man wasn’t lying about a regular customer, he ended up only transferring the money to the owner after five days, in which she has already made police reports and social media posts trying to find the perpetrator.

Also, why didn’t he say something when the owner sent reminders to all regular customers? 

In another case back in March, a couple on their first date left Pa Bul Lo Korean BBQ separately without paying for their meal. Both parties assumed that the other party would pay the $269.55 bill.

They ended up still refusing to pay even after the incident blew up online.

But these leave-without-paying cases do not just happen to restaurants. All the way back in 2019, a 35-year-old man engaged a 32-year-old sex worker in Geylang. He fled the hotel without paying the worker the $120 they agreed upon.

He probably could have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for him recklessly driving straight into the group of sex workers trying to stop him from leaving. CCTV footage of his reckless driving ended up being enough evidence for the workers to report him to the police, causing him to spend five weeks in jail for that offense.

All of which could have been avoided if he paid that $120. 

Moral of the story? Just pay what you’re supposed to pay. Otherwise, you’ll either end up embarrassing yourself on social media… or worse, being thrown into jail.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News