Mum Draws Flak for Feeding Baby Dish With 25 Chilli Peppers for a TikTok Video


The Internet has made it commonplace for parents to share the joys and woes of parenting.

Often, it’s pretty easy to giggle at a child’s strange antics on social media when parents capture these moments and upload them online.

But one mother took it too far when she decided to feed her infant a dish that contained a total of 25 chilli peppers and posted the aftermath online.

Filmed Baby Eating Spicy Dish and Uploaded it to TikTok

According to AsiaOne, the mother who’s based in Indonesia fed her infant a vegetable stir-fry dish that’s known for its spice.

The woman grabbed a single stalk from the dish to feed her baby. It was only after a few munches did the baby start to feel the spice, before the infant boy started to cry.

The child burst into tears in the video as their mother continued to record their reaction.

The video was uploaded on Tuesday (24 May) to an account named Ceoopakalteng03 on TikTok.


However, as of now (28 May), the video is no longer available for viewing on the platform.

(Typical of a irresponsible parent lah I guess.)

Spicy Dish was known as Sayur Kelakai

Prior to the video’s removal, netizens left angry comments over their general disbelief that the mom chose to feed her infant this dish.

This was because the spiciness alone could make adults sweat when they ate this dish, let alone children or a baby.

The spicy vegetable stir-fry dish is known as Sayur Kelakai, or Kelakai, online.

This dish uses an edible fern named Lemidi as its base. The fern is most commonly found in Central Sumatra.

The chilli peppers used in the video that were fried with the fern is also known as Capsicum Annuum. The pepper is known to have a Scoville Heat Unit up to 800.

(Some of you reading this might just be thinking “800 units nia.” Power to you, but just recall that it was a baby that got fed this dish.)

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