NTUC FairPrice to Spend About $70 Million to Implement Progressive Wage Model

Who doesn’t like a higher pay?

NTUC FairPrice is about to up their game in terms of their worker’s wages. And they are prepared to spend a hefty amount for it.

The Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for retail workers will be implemented from 1 September 2022. Employers must meet the PWM requirements if they wish to renew existing work passes or apply for new work passes.

Basically, the PWM will setting a minimum wage for employees. Bare minimum but pop off and get it I guess.

It covers jobs like cashiers, retail assistants, retail supervisors and more.

The PWM is essentially a map that features the different levels of pay and the skills and training required to achieve that.

Part-time workers are also included in the retail PWM, so don’t feel left out if you’re one of them.

Not all skills will be accepted under the PWM though. Employers have to make sure that their employees meet the training requirement of attending at least one Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) module.

NTUC FairPrice will have six months from 1 September to slowly implement and adjust to the PWM.

According to NTUC FairPrice, they expect this initiative to cost them S$70 million, inclusive of government subsidies, over the course of three years.

But this initiative will improve the worker’s productivity, skillsets and foster a fulfilling career for their staff.

Given the rising living costs, we can expect the PWM to benefit the lives of many.

NTUC has always been a company that championed for lower-wage workers. Ng Chee Meng, NTUC Secretary General, hopes that other companies will be inspired to improve the life of lower-wage workers.

PWM In Summary

The PWM is essentially a wage ladder that stipulates the minimum wages an employer must pay.

The sum will, however, vary according to the worker’s skillset.

In general, it helps to uplift the wages of workers, either via the upgrading of skills, improved productivity or both.

As of now, cleaners, security guards, landscape workers and lift maintenance personnel are being covered under the scheme.

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