You Can Now Compare How Much Each 100g or 100ml of Products in Different Supermarket Cost


The new year has begun, so you know what time it is. 

It’s the annual “set-new-years-resolutions-but-don’t-fulfil-them” time!

With inflation and the GST hike this year, I’m sure many of us aim to save a few more dollars here and there. 

Luckily, we can finally not fail our resolution again with the Price Kaki mobile app. 

Price Kaki

From today (1 January) onwards, you can check the prices of supermarket items by unit on the mobile app Price Kaki

Now, you can select from “per 100g” or “per 100ml” when you do your shopping research. 

Displaying prices of more than 1,200 foods, drinks, and household products, the app splits the items into categories like Fruits & Vegetables, Meat & Seafood, and Noodles & Pasta. 


In the app, you can directly search for products you want. 

Image: Price Kaki

Also, it will display the price changes of the product.

For example, if you are in Bishan Park and wish to buy some chicken breast to eat healthy after your run, this is how your screen would look like:

Image: Price Kaki

As you can see, the red annotations suggest that the price of the item has increased. 

In the app, you can add your desired items to your shopping list by clicking on the clipboard button next to the thing you want. Then, it will be automatically added. 

Image: Price Kaki
Image: Price Kaki

If you haven’t decided what you want and would like to visit the nearest supermarket, Price Kaki has also got you covered. 

Just key in your location, and the app will show you what supermarkets are near you. From there, you can click on the location you want, and it will link you to a navigation app. 

Image: Price Kaki

So simple!

If you go to the store and the item’s price isn’t the same as the app, you can also submit a price change. This way, the app can inform other users of the accurate price. 

If you’ve noticed above, the app isn’t constricted to merely groceries. You can buy cooked food from hawker stores as well.

Apart from shopping, you can also participate in app contests and stand to win vouchers. 

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Explaining the App

Melvin Yong, the president of the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), announced that this app could increase price transparency and help consumers get the biggest bang for their buck during this period of inflation. 

“By showing unit pricing on Price Kaki, consumers can easily find out if they are paying more for less and look for alternatives which are better value for money,” he said. 

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Featured Image: Price Kaki + PR Image Factory/ Shutterstock


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