China State Media Respond to Countries That Impose COVID-19 Measures on China Travellers


If I got a dollar for every time I had to write about China and COVID-19, I wouldn’t have to write about China and COVID-19.

China State Media Respond to Countries That Impose COVID-19 Measures on China Travellers

As China’s barriers retract, those of other nations erect. Many countries now fear for their safety because China’s cesspool of viruses will begin to spill over soon. 

Ever since China announced it would open its borders to the public on 8 January 2023, countries like the US, Japan, and India have imposed compulsory COVID-19 tests for travellers from China. 

While many view this as a standard safety precaution, China thinks otherwise. 

Deeming it “unfounded” and “discriminatory,” the state-run newspaper, Global Times, said on Thursday (29 December): “The real intention is to sabotage China’s three years of COVID-19 control efforts and attack the country’s system.”

Since China eased up, a wave of infections has shocked the nation, with cases skyrocketing, so much so that it allegedly underreported the numbers to pacify its people and other countries. 

It insisted on Thursday (29 December) that its COVID-19 data has always been transparent. According to them, the release of information was done “in the spirit of openness.”


“China has always been publishing information on COVID-19 deaths and severe cases in the spirit of openness and transparency.”


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MOH: No Change in Any Restrictions for Travellers from China

One country that hasn’t upped its COVID-19 restrictions is Singapore

On Wednesday (28 December), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said there would be no change to Singapore’s COVID-19 rules for those travelling from China to Singapore. 

“At this juncture, the prevailing border measures and vaccination requirements for travellers and work pass holders arriving from China remain unchanged,” they said. 

Adding on, MOH said Singapore requires travellers who are not fully vaccinated, based on World Health Organization’s definition, to undergo pre-departure tests. 

Currently, travellers coming into Singapore have to submit an arrival card and health declaration stating that they are COVID-free, eliminating the need for pre-arrival COVID tests.

In light of so many nations doubling down on their defences, we might see Singapore doing the same too

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