Resident’s Unit Number Scribbled on Wall Not Due to Loan Sharks But Due to Dog Poo


Vigilante justice manifests in the weirdest ways—

A rogue vandal is now spooking Clementi residents out as they vandalised public notices and walls with specific unit numbers of residents who own pets.

Woke Up to Find Unit Number Scribbled on Wall

According to AsiaOne, on 28 May, one of the residents woke up to find her unit number written on the walls of her HDB block. The vandalism accused her of letting her dog urinate at the void deck.

At that point in time, the Jurong-Clementi Town council had put out notices on 25 May warning residents not to allow their pets to poo or urinate at the void deck.

Since then, the woman had trained her dog not to make a ruckus and that her pet now pees and poos on the grass.

The very same notices were later vandalised with the woman’s unit number written on them.

Image: STOMP

These notices had pictures of dog poo and urine sighted around the void deck floor and aimed to inform residents that the area was not their “dog’s loo” and to train their dogs.


Several Residents Targeted

The woman was not the only one who has her unit number exposed.

Image: STOMP

Other unit numbers of residents who owned pets were also scribbled on the walls and notices, with the phrase “dog pee” written below it.

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The targeted residents and the woman now feel worried about being in the neighbourhood as they “feel stalked”.

“It’s so weird because we always shut our main door,” said the woman and added that other affected residents are shocked too.


Police Investigation Underway

The Jurong-Clementi Town Council said that the case is currently under police investigation.

Since the vandalism, the woman had not received a phone call, e-mail, mail, or in-person visits regarding her dog.

The woman said that she has reported the incident to the town council and the police.

Meanwhile, the affected notices scribbled with the unit numbers have since been removed from the block. The walls with unit numbers written on them were also re-painted.

The town council said they have reached out to the affected resident explaining that the graffiti and unit numbers were not written by their officers.

“We urge residents who may have seen anyone suspicious to come forward to assist the police with their investigations.”

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