Top 10 Good Happenings in S’pore to Wrap Up 2017


As the year is coming to an end, we catch ourselves looking back on 2017.

From MRT breakdowns, scammers, road accidents to cat killers and pipe bursts, it is very easy to feel jaded.

But with a new year on the horizon, we must put out best foot forward and that is coming from someone who always sees the glass as being half empty.

Instead of bitching about all the mishaps that transpired this year, we are going take a walk down memory lane—moments that made our heart melt like butter coz’ we are Goody Feed and not Baddy Feed. 😉

1) Singaporeans hold the most powerful passport in the world

With a visa-free score of a record high for 159 countries, our red book finally kicked Germany off the first position.

Image: tristan tan /

Getting the stamp of approval from 159 countries, we now can walk with our head held high amidst the series of MRT breakdowns.

2) The lucky migrant worker who won the lottery

This news definitely pulled my heartstrings—a foreign worker who won the Big Sweep, a total of $2.3 million.

Image: Facebook /

I wonder what is he up to now.

3) Kindness in the form a cake

On 4th March 2017, a couple saw an elderly woman staring at an array of cakes for a long time.

After having a brief chat with the elderly woman, they actually purchased a cake for her.

To us, it might just be a cake but for her, it might be a luxury that she can’t afford.

If this doesn’t melt your icy heart, I don’t know what will.

4) Standard Chartered Marathon proposal

This year’s Standard Chartered Marathon was a hot mess, like diarrhoea induced by spicy food.

But amidst all the diarrhoea, I mean chaos, a guy proposed to his girlfriend, and to make things even sappier, he used his mother’s engagement ring to propose to her.

And she said YES 💍 Congratulations to Willie & Karen! #SCSM2017 is the first time the couple is running together, and Willie carefully kept the ring with him throughout the whole Half Marathon. What's more precious is that the ring holds special significance as it's actually Willie's mom's engagement ring. Find out more in this mini interview 😍👇🏼Pssst…catch the ACTUAL proposal on Instagram here 👉🏼

Posted by Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on Saturday, 2 December 2017



5) Someone returned$1,190 to the owner

In a time where scammers are on the rise, it is music to my ears when I hear stories of people doing the right thing.

A guy who lives in JB came across the said amount of money at a POSB ATM inWoodlands Town Center.

He waited for 15 minutes or so, in hopes that the careless guy would return but he didn’t.

He then called POSB call centre to report it; he was advised to return it to any POSB branch the next day.

Mind you, he stays in JB, so he came back to Singapore to return the cash.


Long story short, the money was returned to the owner!

6) The return of Gong Cha

They broke our hearts earlier this year with their sudden departure and we were given LiHO instead.

Not that I am saying LiHO is bad, I love their avocado smoothies, but Gong Cha holds so many memories for us.

So when they returned to our shores a few weeks back, we were all stoked!

Image: Gong Cha Facebook

They even revamped their menu!

7) Nasi Lemak Burger

The local dish, nasi lemak, has seen a renaissance of sorts as many eateries were dishing it out in the form of a burger.


But the true OG has to be from the fast-food behemoth, McDonald’s.

It was so popular that it was sold out within a matter of weeks, but now it is a permanent addition to their menu!

8) SIA steward spent 1/2 the journey looking for a SIM card

Yes, a passenger who was on his flight to Hong Kong, accidentally dropped his SIM card into the tiny gap between the armrest and the storage compartment.

The cabin crew was so determined to help that he actually straightened two ice prongs and taped them together to create a makeshift stick.


The engineers even dismantled the seat but to no avail.

It is not about the destination, it’s about the journey—I am not talking about him reaching Hong Kong, I am talking about how the staff went the extra mile to try to retrieve the SIM card, that is the journey part.

I just realized that the entire sentence is filled with bad puns. I am sorry.

9) The biggest carnival in Singapore

When you think of all wrong happenings in Singapore, think about the carnival in Marina Bay.

Image: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

Operating till 1 April, you can head down there whenever you’re feeling blue.

With so many heart-pumping rides to try, you will be going from blue to green!

10) Nenek Rock

How can I not add Nenek Rock to this retrospective list?

With her vivacious persona, she can really make us forget about all the SMRT blunders that had happened over the year.


Lost item on the train? Say hello to detective “Nenek Rock”

Lost an item on the train? Don’t worry, detective “Nenek Rock” will help track it down for you! BeBe Merina, Service Ambassador at SMRT, is Singapore’s busiest puzzle-solver. Saucepans, e-scooters, fans and helmets – she’s seen it all. And if the item isn’t recovered, SMRT helps make a difference for local charities.#TemasekInvests

Posted by Temasek on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

So If you’re wondering where are all the good things—they are just buried deep under all the bad things.

Since you’re here, why not watch a video about a guy who lodged a Police report here in Singapore because he was friendzoned? Seriously. Here, watch it and do remember to share it (and also subscribe to Goody Feed YouTube channel)!

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