There’s a Wild Boar Roaming Around Bukit Panjang Like a Community Cat


I don’t know about you, but the last time I saw a wild boar was when I was at Pulau Ubin.

And I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that the chances of us seeing wild boars in Singapore are rather slim.

Maybe even slimmer-than-striking-TOTO kind of slim.

So Bukit Panjang residents were understandably surprised when a wild boar appeared in the vicinity.

I mean, I suppose it’s the same feeling as seeing a celebrity who isn’t known for being nice to paparazzi.

Wild Boar Appears in Bukit Panjang

On 11 February, a wild boar appeared around Block 474 of Segar Road, amusing and frightening the residents in that area.

When interviewed by Shin Min Daily News, a resident named Mr Lim recalled how the wild boar rummaged through a plastic bag, presumably to find something to eat.

Like many residents who witnessed the animal’s presence, Mr Lim did not dare to approach it even though he was curious.

Other residents also expressed their worry and concern, especially since wild boars are known to be violent at times and may attack.

Another resident also claimed that this was not the first time he had seen a wild boar in the area; he had seen another one near the running track before as well, although it is unclear if the wild boar from both sightings are the same one.

“The wild boar wasn’t scared of us. It just minded its own business, walked around and didn’t attack us. After seeing residents gather to watch, I told my children not to get close to it,” he explained.


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This is far from the first wild boar sighting in Bukit Panjang.

In past cases, wild boars have been spotted near Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market, near canals and in the Zhenghua Nature Park area.

Another recent case involved a wild boar appearing at the fitness corner located near Block 482, and it seemed to be looking for food as well.

A resident took a video of it and sent it to various people through WhatsApp, which led to the video being circulated among a rather large group of people.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News