You Can’t Use Your CDC Vouchers in Giant & Cold Storage Outlets


This year, if there’s one thing we dread, it’s the GST hike

To help us with this, the government has provided us with CDC vouchers.

2023 CDC Voucher Distribution

Now, we can claim $300 worth of Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers. We must use half of this at supermarkets and the rest at hawkers and heartland merchants. 

Note that the supermarket chains that accept the vouchers are: NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Prime, Hao Mart, and U Star. 

In other words, you can’t use them at Cold Storage and Giant.

“Each Singaporean household will receive $300 CDC vouchers in early January – $150 which can be spent at participating hawkers and heartland merchants; the other $150 at participating supermarkets, to offer residents more choices to meet their needs,” the five Community Development Councils (CDC) and the People’s Association (PA) announced. 

From two different packages, $200 will come from the Assurance Package and $100 from the $1.5 billion package announced in October 2022, totalling $300. 

According to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, the vouchers are part of a comprehensive package to lessen the impacts of surging inflation and the GST hike. 

“We recognise concerns over (the) cost of living, and hence are looking at additional measures in the Budget to support Singaporeans over the coming year, especially those in the more vulnerable and lower-income groups,” he said.

By now, you or your family members should receive a notification letter in your mailbox with details on how to claim and spend the CDC vouchers.

Claiming Your CDC Vouchers

Like the past years, you can claim your household’s vouchers by visiting the REDEEMSG website and logging in with your Singpass account. 

Simply press “redeem” under the $300 CDC vouchers section, and the voucher link will be sent to your mobile phone number. Afterwards, you can share it with your family members. 

2021 and 2022 CDC Voucher Donation

If you aren’t aware, this is the third round of voucher distribution, the first two being in 2021 and 2022. 

Nonetheless, some of us still haven’t even used up the ones from the past years (2021 and 2022).

If you reckon you’re well off enough, why not donate your vouchers to those who need them more?

Via the CDC vouchers scheme website,  from 20 December to 31 January 2023, you can donate your remaining CDC vouchers from 2021 and 2022 to charity. 


Since your vouchers have expired, put them to good use for the needy and yourself, too, because some of these donations are tax-deductible.

With more than 170 different organisations to choose from, each with its unique purpose, you’re sure to find a charity that resonates with you. 

According to the CDCs and PA, tax deductions may be provided by the respective charities, depending on their policies on issuing tax deductions. 

“The CDCs are now offering Singaporean households more flexibility in using CDC vouchers through a donation option.”

The organisations have also clarified that the receiving end will be given cash instead of vouchers. 


I might have put the cart before the horse by not explaining beforehand how to donate. 

First, head down to the CDC vouchers scheme website and click “Donate CDC Vouchers”. Choose one from the list of charities, then log in with Singapss to pledge your household’s CDC voucher balance as of 31 December 2022 to the selected charity. 

The charities belong to an array of sectors, namely Animal Welfare, Arts & Heritage, Children & Youth, Education, Elderly, Environment, Families & Children, HealthCare, Migrant Community, Persons with Disability, Sports, and Others. 

If you’re still unsure, you can read the CDC’s donation-related FAQs or watch the step-by-step video guide. 

CDC Vouchers

The government might be giving you money, but that doesn’t mean you get to spend it in any way you want. 


As previously mentioned, we can use them at hawkers, heartland merchants, and supermarkets. More specifically, they are only redeemable at participating merchants displaying the CDC voucher decal (that little red banner with the thumbs-up logo). 

So, what can’t you buy?

These vouchers are invalid for purchasing lottery products, petrol, diesel, alcohol, or cigarettes. 

Essentially, nothing sinful (except for your favourite Nasi Lemak).

Do note that these vouchers are not for resale and are not exchangeable for cash or gift vouchers. The expiry date is final, and the vouchers cannot be renewed. 


Hurry, go pledge your vouchers to charity!

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Other than the CDC Vouchers…

Other than the CDC vouchers, the Government has other avenues through which locals can seek help.

One of which is the $700 in cash payouts in December 2022, $500 of which is part of a one-off Cost of Living (COL) special payment.

Announced by Lawrence Wong in October 2022, the COL is part of the $1.5 billion support package.

Also, this coming February, $300 cash will be given to lower-income senior citizens under the GSTV-Cash (Seniors’ Bonus) package.

Lastly, eligible seniors aged 55 years and above, and children aged 20 years and below, will receive a $150 top-up in their CPF MediSave account.

To check your eligibility for the cash payouts, you can visit the Government’s Assurance Package official website.

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