Serangoon Coffeeshop Caught Fire at 1:30am This Morning; 1 Person Conveyed to Hospital


Another fire broke out this month.

On Saturday (14 May), a huge fire broke out at a coffee shop located in Serangoon.

According to MSNews, the fire spread upwards to the fourth floor at the block where the coffee shop was located at due to the kitchen exhaust ducting (KED).

What Happened 

Footage of the fire and its damage were captured by a TikTok user, shanicelsh, during the wee hours of the morning.

@shanicelsh Fire incident at Serangoon, honestly quite scary to witness it. #sgnews #newssg #singapore #sgtiktok #fyp #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #firesg #sginclusive ♬ Oh No (Instrumental) – Kreepa

In her video, the vertical column of fire that stretches up to the fourth floor could be seen. As the fire raged on, flaming debris was also seen on the ground.

The user said “it was honestly quite scary” to see the fire happen as they woke up to flames and smoke, and it was located extremely close to their unit.


According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the fire broke out around 1:20 am in the morning at 261 Serangoon Central Drive.

The fire involved the KED of a coffee shop located on the ground floor of the affected block.

What is KED

The KED is known as the kitchen exhaust ducting as mentioned earlier.

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These are the prominent silver pipes that you’d often see at the back of coffee shops, located on the sides of the block which are connected to the kitchens operating inside the coffee shop.

The fire was put out eventually by the SCDF officers with a water jet.

During the fire, one person was conveyed to the hospital for smoke inhalation while twenty over people had evacuated on their own before the SCDF officers’ arrival.

The person conveyed to the hospital is allegedly a mala store owner at the affected coffeeshop.

As of now, the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The SCDF also took the chance to address the public on methods that should be used to prevent future fire incidents like this.

This includes not leaving the cooking unattended and cleaning the KEDs by maintaining them at least once a year.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@shanicelsh) & Google Maps

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